7 Important Things You Should Have Learned From Your Toxic Ex

At least you can thank him for this!




Toxic relationships have the power to suck the life out of you and make you feel at your complete worse. Luckily, you made your way out of that relationship (finally), but can thank your ex for teaching you these valuable lessons. 

1) Know your worth. 
When you are in a toxic relationship, you often lose track of your worth. Coming out of a bad relationship teaches you what your true value to yourself and in a committed relationship. 

2) Don't put up with BS. 
Your ex put you through a lot of bullsh*t, and going forward, you know better than to deal with someone lying, cheating or mistreating you. 

3) Put yourself first. 
Being in a toxic relationship can physically and mentally drain you. Now, you understand the importance of putting yourself first because no one is more important than you! 

4) You can't change someone else. 
You probably tried your best to change your ex boyfriend in order to make your relationship work, but the truth is, change can only come from within. Trying to change someone else will ALWAYS fail. 

5) Understand what you deserve. 
Your ex taught you what not to look for in a new relationship because you now know you deserve so much more than what he gave you. 

6) You cannot make someone love you. 
Trying to force someone fall in love with you does not usually work. A relationship is not a one way street and your ex definitely taught you to be with someone who loves you just as much as you love them. 

7) Things happen for the best. 
Even though it hurts, you understand that things happen for the best. It may hurt in the moment, but you realize in time that things happened a certain way for a reason.