7 Definite Signs You Are Finally Over Your Ex

So not into you...anymore!




Remember those days when you spent hours crying yourself to sleep, thinking of your ex?! Well, those days are long gone, because girl, you are SO over him! Here are 7 definite signs you are done with your ex and so ready to move on! 

1) You finally feel like YOU again!

You are starting to feel like your happy, bubbly self again!

2) You stopped checking their social media.

You no longer spend hours stalking his Facebook or Instagram to check on what he is doing or who he *may* be dating.

3) You are interested in dating again.

You never thought you would care for someone as much as you cared about your ex...until you met that really nice guy! 

4) You stopped talking about him. 

No more harassing your friends & family with hours long conversations about your ex! 

5) You no longer compare other guys to your ex. ...because you finally realized not all guys are jerks! 

6) Hearing your ex's name is not-so-bad anymore!

"Now you're just somebody that I used to know..."

7) You are happy being single.

Even the days when you feel lonely, you are happy to be single!