50 Things You Should Never Stop Doing In A Relationship




When you first fell hard for your guy, even his morning breath was a turn-on...or at least tolerable. But then you realised he hums and sometimes wears the same shirt three days in a row, and frankly, it's irritating as hell. Worse, it goes both ways (bought any racy lingerie lately?) To keep the passion burning, you have to work at it-enter our list of ideas designed to rutproof your romance.

1 Not shooting him down when he calls at 8:59pm on a Tuesday evening and suggests going for a 2-km walk. Desperate Housewives can wait.

2 Keeping your body complaints to yourself-the more comfortable you get, the more you may find yourself proclaiming that you feel fat...something you would never do when you were the hot new girlfriend.

3 Falling asleep in the buff après sex rather than rushing to put back on your favourite boxersand-tee-shirt combo

4 Gazing at him in that sweet, one-shade-shy-of-creepy way while he tells a story

5 Choosing sex over your yoga class on Saturday mornings

6 Never letting the cracks show in public. Even if he starts doing that thing where he contradicts every damn thing you say, wait until you get home to call him out on it

7 Maintaining your feminine mystique by never putting on deodorant, cleaning your ears, or clipping your toenails in front of him

8 Swiping on some lip gloss even if you two are just running Sunday errands. We're not clutching our pearls and insisting that you do up your whole face, but a little touch-up isn't exactly going to set back the whole feminist movement or anything

9 Grabbing his ass or biceps as he walks by, then bouncing your eyebrows up and down and nodding approvingly.

10 Oral. He's gotta do it, you've gotta do it, we've all gotta do it!

11 Screening his call and waiting 10 minutes before returning it. Then be all mysterious about where you were when he asks why you didn't pick up.

12 Holding hands in the movie theatre and occasionally copping a feel during an especially hot sex scene.

13 Keeping your phone in your purse during dinner (and not peeking when it buzzes!)

14 Buying scandalous lingerie on days other than birthdays, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries.

15 Compromising on a show you can both enjoy, rather than exiling him to the bedroom because you want to watch Castle and he wants to watch the game.

16 Having sex during your period. Remember when you were so horny you just didn't give a sh*t?

17 Keeping the bush groomed and always in great shape.

18 Going out with your friends and meeting up with him much later- after you have had a few cocktails, been hit on by a bunch of guys, and are feeling frisky.

19 Yes, it's adorable when you've been together for so long that you have 'your' booth in the corner of 'your' place. But don't let that keep you from checking out new spots and trying interesting cuisines.

20 Surprising him in the shower because you want some steamy loving, not because you're in a rush and he's taking too long.

21 Talking him up-about his job and his music-to anyone you meet anytime.

22 Withholding most of your girl drama from him. Someone is not interested in the fact that Mandira had the audacity to wear a cream-coloured dress to Gauri's wedding!

23 Wearing cute little lounge clothes on Sundays. C'mon, yoga pants are just as comfy as sweats...and they won't shrink his boner.

24 Grabbing drinks with him on a Wednesday night and having a long, deep, cheesy talk about all your hopes and dreams at the bar...and then

going home to have tipsy, wild sex.

25 Laughing at his (passably) funny jokes

26 Seeing the Twilight movies (and whatever is all the teenage libido- inducing rage after it) with your friends, not him, and then refraining from discussing why you're sooo Team Edward with him afterwards.

27 Telling him how hot he is. This usually results in his saying "You too," so win-win.

28 Wrapping your tampon in toilet paper before you throw it.

29 Pretending to be very busy and important: 'Yeah, I'll be home later, I just have this thing I have to stop by' when you're just going to get a mani.

30 Staying up until an ungodly hour on a weeknight just rolling around in bed and pawing each other like teenagers.

31 Flirting with that cute guy from college so that he never forgets just how freaking doable you are.

32 Giving his ego a good, firm stroking by occasionally telling him sweet little white lies like, "That girl just totally checked you out!" or "I've been thinking about you all day long".

33 Putting in the effort with his friends: "Yep, I agree that Piero (who?) is sucking this season."

34 Occasionally packing your weekend schedule with all sorts of activities that don't include him so he has (almost too much) room to breathe

35 Talking to him in your big-girl voice. What other voice would you possibly use, you wonder? See Khloé Kardashian and her baby babble to Lamar Odom. You'd want to vomit.

36 Making sure that vegging out on the couch and eating a can of choco chip ice-cream with a spoon always, remains a solo activity.

37 Never letting him see your grody underthings and-most importantly!-protecting your eyes from his as well. If you live together or get to that next step, this becomes much more difficult thanks to the joint laundry thing. Solution: get two lingerie bags.

38 Looking your hottest when you're hanging out with his friends. Your guy obviously knows you're dead sexy, but it doesn't hurt for him to hear some reinforcements or catch someone eyeballing you.

39 Playing it cool on Facebook-no need to post on his wall every single day...or even every other. Virtual absence: it makes the heart-and other parts-grow fonder.

40 Making date plans for Saturday on a Monday and, every now and then, springing for a new dress for the occasion.

41 Exercising some discretion when it comes to what you tell your friends about your relationship. Going on and on about every little thing that bugs you about him isn't venting, it's bitching, and eventually, it takes its toll.

42 Quickly running to the bathroom to brush your teeth before morning sex

43 Taking him out to dinner. Oh, and that means he gets to pick the restaurant too.

44 Continuing to check things off your sex bucket list

45 Throwing your sweaty gym clothes in the hamper immediately after you work out instead of allowing them to fester on the floor of the bathroom for a few hours.

46 Sucking it in and strutting your stuff when he's watching

47 Not commenting on the fact that his ex is pretty much the human stain

48 Not commenting on the fact that your ex is way worse. Nothing is more of a mood killer than bringing up either of your romantic pasts gone wrong

49 Taking the time to seduce him in a totally new way-you may have your own little sex code, but try not to rely on it all the time.

50 Picking up his favourite type of beer or snack on your way home from work. You know how amazing it feels when he sends you flowers 'just because'? It's like that.