This One Pose is Guaranteed to Drive Men Wild!

It's a stance that anthropologists have discovered taps into guys' most primal urges. Here are a few tips on how to pull it off.




There's a universal way to gain complete control over any dude. It's not a new technique- there's Marilyn Monroe using it here-but why it works such sexual voodoo on guys is something that's recently been studied. 

It's called the mammalian lordosis, a science-y name coined by experts for the posture that consists of an arch in your back, an upward tilt of your butt, and a gaze over your shoulder.

And according to anthropologists like Helen Fisher, Ph.D., it is powerful stuff when it comes to getting guys to crave you.

An irresistible cocktail

For starters, this move puts your sexiest assets on display, namely your butt and legs, explains Fisher. "And it's bold. But because you're turned away from him, it's also a tease, and men love that combination.

It suggests, 'Hey, I'm ready for you...if you can catch me'." This pose is so innate to females and such an inherent draw for males, it transcends cultures. "It's a basic female courting pose that's employed all over the world," Fisher says. And beyond humans, even animals engage in the behaviour. "When a cat is preparing to mate, she arches her back and tips her buttocks up, often combined with a glance back at the male," says Fisher.

How to work it

If you're trying to grab a new guy's attention, do a subtle version of this come-and get-me pose. Arch your back just a bit, and tighten your butt muscles so your cheeks are raised ever so slightly. Then, peer over one shoulder and make eye contact for about two to three seconds.

"It's a real come-hither gesture without being totally in his face," Fisher says. And if you want to rock it bigtime, pull out the pose while wearing sky-high stilettos (we suggest Louboutins or Choos). "When a woman wears high heels, her butt naturally thrusts way up, exaggerating the curvature of her back," says Fisher. "Very few guys can resist this."