15 Definitive Signs that You're Dating a Boy from Bombay

"Goa, BRO!"




​#1 A Bombay Boy = ZERO Judgment. "Girl, you wear 'em high-waisted shorty-shorts and drink your weight in tequila all you want. You's a baller!"

#2 It doesn't matter if he's a Grade-A banker at XYZ Fancy Limited or an out-of-work artist living off Daddy's dole, he is not above taking the 'local' to that restaurant you're meeting at in Bandra.

#3 If you're meeting him in Bandra, you're meeting him at Bonobo. 

#4 If you met him in school, you probably met him at JB Fete.

#5 If you met him in college, you probably met him at the Xavier's Malhar fest.

#6 When people talk about how great Alt J is or how amazing The Weeknd are, his response is usually "Oh, I knew about these guys before they were popular". #HipsterRights.

#7 90 percent of your dates will be at a festival. Film, music, food, jazz—if it's got the addendum 'festival', you're Saturday night is booked. 

#8 If he's from South Bombay, there's a high possibility he's running/training to run daddy's business (still pays for dates, though!) 

#9 He probably studied BMM in college assuming he'd break bounds and be the next Rupert Murdoch. 

#10 He probably ended up being a freelance writer. Stroke Actor. Stroke Director and Cinematographer. 

#11 He doesn't put painstaking thought into his date outfits—five minutes in the shower, toss on first things in the closet and quick spritz of deo—voila! Date-ready!

#12 Unless he's from South Bombay, there's a good chance he's a social media analyst. 

#13 His idea of a holiday = "Goa, BRO!"

#14 You will most certainly get into at least one debate with him about the best street vendor to hit up for vada pav

#15 You will absolutely never hear the man exclaim something like "Oh my God! Is that Katrina Kaif?" Stars are so old hat. 

 (Additional Inputs by Karishma Rajani)