7 Important Things All Sisters Should do Together





Sisters truly are the best friends you will ever have! They will be your biggest cheerleaders, support and love you...even though all your silly arguments! Here are top 7 things all sisters should do together! 

1) Travel. Who better to see the world than your sister? Guaranteed to have the best time of your life with your sis! 

2) Get Drunk. Because you can totally take care of one another and have a blast together! 

3) Go Clubbing. Parents giving you a hard time staying out late alone? No problem! Just bring your sister to the party for an even better time and not having to worry about your parents! 

4)  Share clothes. Can't find anything to wear? Why not raid your sissy's closet?! Surely, she won't mind. Surely...

5) Lie to parents. Ah!! Your parents found out your sister is not where she said she was suppose to be? #Comingtorescue

6) Give the brutal, honest truth. That guy is a jerk and who better to tell you that, than your own sister? It's part of the job! 

7) Be each other's date... for any event! Need to attend that party and don't have anyone to go with?! Sister will always be there!