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7 Man Myths...Busted

We figured since it's Valentine's Day today, it'll be cool to get the sexiest men in the biz to clear the air about some of the most clichéd statements made about 'man'kind! You're welcome...

Decoding a guy isn't a breeze...it takes hard work. But not if you're a Cosmo girl! Say hello to our panel and get ready to kick the most common myths about men out of your love life...

Purab Kohli, Actor

Kartik Aaryan, Actor

Pranav Mishra, Co-Founder, HUEMN

Rohan Shrestha, Celebrity Photographer

Sahil Shroff, Model

Keith Sequeira, Model and Actor

Gurmehar Sethi, Chef

{MYTH 1}


The Truth: Women might feel the pain of heartbreak deeper, but according to research from Binghamton University in New York, men may move on, but they never truly heal. And our panel agrees!

Pranav Mishra: "Maybe not physically, but mentally, it takes a lot of time for guys to get over breakups."

Rohan Shrestha: "It's the contrary, in fact! I'm a complete emotional fool."

Kartik Aaryan: "Yeah, I agree, guys take a lot of time to get over a relationship. They go through as much pain as a woman would."

Keith Sequeira: "Guys find it harder to emote publicly, and that's why it seems like they move on quicker."

Purab Kohli: "It depends on how serious the relationship was. If casual, it's true guys move on pretty quick. But a serious one can sometimes leave an impact for life."

Sahil Shroff: "Guys just deal with it differently, which makes it look like they get over it faster. Men are a lot more practical than emotional."

{MYTH 2}


The Truth: A lot of studies have explored gender differences when it comes to crying. And while most of them conclude that women cry more than men, it hasn't been blatantly denied that men don't cry at all. A study by Biochemist William H. Frey, PhD, found that women cry an average of 5.3 times a month, while men cry an average of 1.3 times per month, with crying defined as anything from moist eyes to sobbing.

Rohan: "We all do. I cry at movies, and there are certain situations in life that obviously do make you choke. Men always try and stifle tears, but I don't, I let them flow."

Gurmehar Sethi: "It really depends on the situation. We don't start weeping straight off the bat, but some things that truly move us, make us cry."

Pranav: "I cry...a lot! Men cry, and it's really easy to cry as well."

Kartik: "We do cry. This myth has been around for a while, and they say that crying is a very effeminate thing to do, but it's good to be emotional."

Sahil: "Men just don't cry openly...that's probably why it's just a myth!"

{MYTH 3}


The Truth: "Not so", says Dr Helen Fisher, co-author of the Singles in America study conducted by match.com. "Men want to introduce a partner to friends and family sooner than women do, they like public affection more, and they want to move in sooner." There's a crazy-cool biological reason for this. Because women are the "custodian of the egg" (aka we get pregnant), it's adaptive for men to fall in love faster and get a woman off the market before the next guy does. So why does society portray men as commitment-phobes?! According to a survey (that will blow your mind!) published by The Australian, it's actually the fairer sex that's reluctant to commit. While women wait at least a couple of months, men are ready to commit even after a mere two dates, the survey found.

Kartik: "Nope. We aren't afraid of commitment. I, for one, would love to make it official as soon as I'm comfortable with the girl I'm dating!"

Keith: "Not if you find the person who makes you want to 'lock down'."

Purab: "I've never had that problem."

{MYTH 4}


The Truth: While there is ample research that proves that men love the thrill of the chase, the dynamics are quickly changing. Men today are into self-assured, successful women (read more Amal Clooney than Pamela Anderson). According to the Singles in America survey, which polled more than 5,600 men and women about love and sex, 90 percent of guys are okay with a woman asking them out. Here's what our panel has to say to that:

Gurmehar: "Attraction is a mutual thing and the 'chase' or craving is a two-way process."

Pranav: "It's quite untrue. These days, men are being chased and they do the chasing as well!"

Rohan: "True, men love the chase! But a balanced chase is a lot more fun."

Keith: "Confident women go after what they want. Men love a witty, flirty woman."

Purab: "Chasing seems like a thing from the past. And men and women are clear about what they want nowadays, and not afraid to state it and enjoy it."

Sahil: "Not all guys! Women today hold their own in this department and don't mind chasing, and they anyway love being chased."


The Truth: Not all men want easy hookups, and even those who do, don't necessarily want just that. "Like many other personality traits—for example, extraversion—interest in casual sex varies widely among both men and women," says sex researcher Zhana Vrangalova, PhD. "Some men aren't interested in it at all. Some are interested in it during certain points in their lives." One doesn't preclude the other, and it's very possible to want both.

Pranav: "You can't generalise it, but if you're single then there is no harm."

Rohan: "That's not true, there's no better sex than making love."

Kartik: "It depends on where you are in life. A lot of guys go for it, have FWB as well, but it isn't always the case."Keith: "I think that a 'one-night-stand' enacted with your partner can be just as sexy and out of control."

{MYTH 6}


The Truth: The Social Issues Research Centre, a non-profit think tank, conducted multiple studies on gossip and how it affects our lives, and found that 33 percent of men indulge in gossip daily or almost every day—compared to only 26 percent of women. Yes, men gossip more than women!

Gurmehar: "Guys do gossip, but it is more friendly banter."

Pranav: "They absolutely do! It's more funny than vicious, though."

Kartik: "They do, but it isn't about clothes and stuff, but like, life issues—like a man-to-man talk, but a fun version of that."

Purab: "Of course we do! Probably more than women when it's the right group of guys."

{MYTH 7}


The Truth: The house is divided on this one. Some studies claim that men are daunted, while other argue that men are attracted to strong women. We let our panel have the last word.

Gurmehar: "Yes, they are. Strong women, though a great thing, can make men really nervous."

Pranav: "I think, today, every woman is strong and if you can't handle that, then it's your own problem!"

Rohan: "A lot of guys think strong women are difficult to deal with because of the stereotypes attached to them, but they're also very sexy."

Kartik: "Nope, we're insanely attracted to strong women."

Purab: "The problem is that men are terribly attracted to them, but don't know how to deal with them."

Sahil: "I love strong women. A man that doesn't isn't a man."