8 Things You Should Know If You're Dating a Libran Girl

Do NOT wear sweat pants.




  1. Pick a beautiful setting: Aesthetics are big on the Libra woman's list. Any man asking her out on a date should keep that in mind. A dinner at a picturesque French restaurant is much more likely to win her over then an All-You-Can-Eat buffet, even if the food at the latter is far better.
  2. Pander to her ego: A Libra woman revels in praise, so any man courting a Libra woman should keep reminding her of the qualities that attracted him to her. Hearing about her gorgeous smile or beautiful hair, even repeatedly, is music to a Libra girl's ears.
  3. Be patient with her: Libra women can take their time to making up their minds, weighing the pros and cons of every situation. Their fair-minded approach can also lead to procrastination, so any man dating them should arm himself with unlimited patience. When it comes to deciding the smallest of matters—like where to eat, or what movie to watch, this girl is likely to change her mind until the very last minute.
  4. Appeal to her sense of style: Any guy who sets out to woo a Libra girl must be sure to look stylish and dress to the nines. Sweat pants and a T-shirt won't cut it with this lady—but neither will loud and over-the-top clothing.
  5. Manners count: Loud and attention-seeking behavior is a turn off for Libran women. They have no patience for bad manners or foul language either. A soft spoken, polite and congenial man is most likely to get her attention.
  6. Be a good listener: Being a good conversationalist is a great way for any guy to score points with a Libra girl. Good communication is number one on her list of priorities when she's looking to date. Since she finds it hard to make up her mind, this girl values someone who is a good listener and who she can constantly bounce ideas off.
  7. Become her confidant: A sure-fire way to make a Libra woman fall in love with you is to be her friend first. For a Libran, love and friendship are very closely linked. The first step to winning her over is to have quality conversations with her. Once she trusts a man with her most private thoughts, she's likely to want to be with him romantically as well.
  8. Make it clear you're a faithful kinda guy: Libra women can border on a bit idealistic about love, and so they greatly value loyalty, and the kind of guy who's serious about a relationship. The whole casual-flirting-and-fling thing? Not her scene. Showing interest in other women will do you zero favours.