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3 Lessons We Can All Learn From Same-Sex Couples

Three people in same-sex relationships tell us exactly why their bond is so special

​1. Don't get stuck in restrictive, narrowly prescribed gender roles. Assign household chores according to what is fair and who excels at what, rather than simply repeating outmoded notions of what women and men 'should' be.

2. When it comes to sex, don't be so fixated on penetration and climaxing—mix things up, experiment, and go with whatever feels good.

3. Give each other breathing room. Release each other from extended familial obligations. In gay relationships, partners often socialise with family alone—and there's no expectation of their partner joining them. They've got their own family, after all.

"I think the struggle of coming to terms with your sexuality is unique to same-sex couples—and it bonds them in a way unlike any other."- Surbhi

"You learn commitment, because no court of law will recognise your union—so you have to commit mentally, and really mean it."- Noor

"You've both dealt with so much stigma and judgment from the world, you become a lot more sensitive as people. And that helps you grow as a couple." - Prithvi