This Is How You're Turning Him Off Without Realizing It

Without realising it, you constantly do things that men find sexy and adorable. These common methods of attracting men actually end up driving them away.




Without realising it, you constantly do things that men find sexy and adorable: The way you hop around the room when you pull tight jeans over your butt. Biting your lip while thinking. Bending over to, well, to do anything. But there are also those other things you may do because you think guys are into them when in reality they're turn-offs. We scoped out a few of those.

Sultry come-ons

Angelina Jolie can pull off steamy stares and innuendo-laden greetings in movies. But that's because the guy she's after has already read the script, while you have no idea whether you and your target are even in the same film. "When a woman fixes on me with bedroom eyes, I wonder if she's a real person," says Josh, 32. "To me, it's a red flag that she's not comfortable in her own skin. A friendly smile, however, communicates confidence."

Wearing overly revealing clothing

If your skimpy attire requires doublesided boob tape, men may ogle, but they'll also wonder why you feel compelled to put so much of yourself on display. And if you can't even sit down without flashing everyone around you, it makes guys almost as uncomfortable as you clearly are. "I used to go out with a woman who wore very sexy clothing," says Andrew, 29. "It was a turn-on at first, but I got tired of having every guy in the room gaping at my date's goods." Remember: Everybody loves surprises, and there's no gift a guy would rather unwrap than you. Junk skimpy for a classy satin blouse or a cutesy snug t-shirt - trust us, he'll miss the cleavage, only if you give him a chance to!

Doing lots of shots

Yes, guys like party girls… For the first hour or two. Watching a chick do Jäger bombs like it's her job quickly loses its appeal - especially if they have to hold her hair while she pukes 17 times later that night. "When I see a girl pounding shots, all I think about is myself after a night of heavy drinking: Sick, sullen, frog-throated, and bleary-eyed," says Rich, 33. "Knowing she'll look and feel the same way in a few hours is about as unsexy as it gets."

Being kinky in bed (at first)

There's nothing wrong with showing enthusiasm. But when it comes to offthe-wall sexcapades, setting the bar - or stripper pole - too high the first few times can make guys wonder what else you have in common with Jenna Jameson. "It feels weird to say it out loud, but I really don't want a girl to be completely uninhibited in bed when I first start sleeping with her," admits Jon, 27. "I like to feel like we discover some stuff together and then work up to the really experimental stuff."

*Names have been changed

Guys speak out

"What's Always Hot"

"When a girl is confident enough to avoid being threatened by other girls. Not being catty shows that she's sure of herself and of our relationship."

"I'm a big fan of a girl wearing a cute, tight t-shirt and a pair of boy shorts as she brings me my morning coffee while I'm still in bed."

"When a girl has a sense of humour, it's always hot. I want to date someone who doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't afraid to put herself out there."

"It's hot when girls eat like guys and then don't complain about how many hours they're going to have to spend on the treadmill to get rid of the calories."

"When a girl really looks comfortable, it relaxes me. A cool pair of jeans that fit well matched with sexy boots will always get my attention."