15 Everyday Foods That Can Supercharge Your Metabolism

Most of them are lying in your Indian kitchen right now

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We are what we eat , and going by popular research our weight loss is determined seventy percent of what we eat and thirty percent by our exercise regimen. Food that boosts our metabolism can play a crucial part in determining an effective diet plan to help shed off those kilos faster to a thinner and more fabulous looking you.

However, don't go running off to stock up on expensive and imported diet and superfoods just yet. We have put together a list of fifteen foods to include in your daily diets , all of which are easily available to us in India .

1.Oatmeal : The humble oatmeal which has been eating as a breakfast food by families is a great way to boost metabolism and aid weight loss. Eat some for breakfast , as a snack or make oats rotis , idlis and dosas .

2.Green Tea : Packed with anti-oxidants , this refreshing drink can be found in all our homes and is great for the metabolism. Have a cup before your meals for an even greater effect.

3.Yogurt : Always a part of the balanced Indian diet , yogurt is full of calcium and protein , gives you energy and helps build lean muscle. It is also great for debloating and healthy digestion to aid weight loss.

4.Almonds : This super charged nut can be found in almost all our kitchens and makes for a healthy and tasty metabolism boosting snack.Being rich in protein they also help the body to burn calories . Sprinkle some into your salads and smoothies for a tasty pick me up as well.

5.Coffee : Known in ancient times as drink of the gods, caffeine rich coffee can help give energy , curb hunger pangs and boost the metabolism. It is most effective when consumed black without any milk or sugar.

6. Turkey : Not a meat traditionally consumed in India , turkey is however easily available and makes for great source of lean protein to be added to salads , sandwiches and healthy food options.

7.Apples : Apart from keeping the doctor away , this is the ideal and most delicious food to speed up metablism and aid weight loss. However , it is most effective when eaten by itself or added to salads and smoothies.

8.Spinach : Organic green leafy vegetables like spinach provide iron to support healthy blood which is the key to optimal cellular metabolic energy .

9.Beans : These nutrition powerhouses are also key to keeping metabolism moving efficiently . Packed with lean protein and fibre , they also keep you feeling full and reduce cravings. Being a staple in Indian food , beans can be easily incorporated in a balanced diet and everyday meals.

10. Jalapeno : Though mostly associated with Mexican food , Jalapeno peppers can be found in most local supermarkets in India.Containing the bioactive ingredient capsacin , they double energy expenditure for upto three hours after a meal.

11. Broccoli : This super vegetable contains calcium , vitamin C and fibre which increases the TEF or Thermal Effect of Food to boost your metabolism after eating.

12.Curry : A staple in Indian kitchens , curry as a spice is used in most Indian food recipes. The spices in curry help promote weight loss while making food delicious to eat as well.

13.Cinnamon : Also a common Indian spice , cinnamon is a detoxifier and also helps regulate the metabolism of sugar and carbohydrates. Have a cup of hot water with a stick of cinnamon or add to your tea , coffee and gravies to get your cinni fix.

14. Soya milk : Ideal if consumed fresh , Soya milk helps to suppress appetite and boost metabolic activity.

and finally...

15.Grapefruit : This contains naringenin , an anti oxidant that the Scripps Clinic in California found helps keep insulin in check and increase calorie burn . Grapefruit is the ideal breakfast food or snack to aid weight loss.

So there you go , fifteen easy to find foods to help you get to a slimmer more fabulous you without the stress of following complicated diets. Get them out of your kitchen and into your plates . We for one , are sipping on our cinnamon tea as we speak.

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