What Does the Future of Makeup Hold?

Samir Modi, Founder and Managing Director of Colorbar Cosmetics, lets Cosmo in on the trends that will define the world of beauty.



By Samir Modi
Founder and Managing Director, Colorbar

“Social media and technology are playing a major role in shaping the make-up industry. Due to this, the customer has become more aware, and, hence, more demanding. Brands, therefore, need to consistently re-invent themselves, too. Well-established names like M·A·C, Bobbi Brown, NARS, and Clinique are popular due to their sheer size. This had made it easier for new brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, and Huda Beauty to launch, because such brands have shorter decision-making cycles, comparatively lower risk, and a ready market due to their large social media following. 

More and more women and men are using make-up and seeking innovations. You can see this when you look at the increase in foundation shades to cater to the female customers—there are almost 56 different skin tones in the world! There is also make-up to suit individual needs. Therapeutic make-up, for example, includes cosmetics with wine derivatives—since wine is considered good for the heart. There are also products with serotonin to increase happiness, and CBD (Cannabis Beauty Defined) to help with wellness. 


Some of the exciting trends today include virtual make-up apps, devices for choosing skin tone shades, and bespoke retail products. These trends have helped create products and devices that are filling the gaps, like choosing a shade and seeing how other make-up looks with it. This has helped remove trial and error by make-up artists, too. The Pantone CAPSURE Color Measurement Tool is one such device. Retail displays and mirrors, too, are being customised to enhance consumer experience. You can see how various products look on you without even applying them! These methods demonstrate product efficacy and map how their usage will benefit in the long run. 

The industry is seeing major innovations that act fast. Korea is the only country in the world that has a closed loop of getting the product right from inception to the market, in just three months. You can go to a manufacturer with an idea. They’ll help you select the formulation and packaging, explain how the products look and feel, and produce them. 


Colorbar takes pride in delighting customers with bold, versatile offerings. We believe make-up should make you happy and confident, so we’re excited about exploring mood-based apps. Hopefully, when we attempt it, we will take the ‘artificial’ out of artificial intelligence. We also study the local market’s response to K- and J-beauty, because their ethnobotanic perspectives are incredibly popular here. The concept of ‘clean beauty’ has made its way into the industry as well, as people are now becoming increasingly concerned about the environment. For us, preventive and clean beauty is intelligent and kind beauty.

The future of make-up will involve a major play of technology to assess the composition of new products, and how safe they are. This industry is growing at super-sonic speed, and if you’re a make-up enthusiast, you’re in for a great time.”