Here's How You Can Wear Bangs and Keep Acne at Bay!

Pave your way to look BANGIN'. Geddit?




'Bangs' are the IT haircut that totally elevate your look for the new season, raising the hotness level to the umpteenth degree.

But, your hotness quotient is accompanied by the soaring temperature in rising up — if you choose to opt for it in the summer or monsoon season. And your new haircut can lead to more anxiety than the transformation is actually worth!

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Most girls face issues like bang breakouts or pomade acne on their forehead when they opt for this look.

Plausible reasons? The forehead is a part of the T-zone which tends to get more oily than the rest of the body. Sebum, which ordinarily keeps the skin hydrated, can cause blackheads on accumulation, according to Integrated communications and medical relations leader at Vichy, Mara Vezeau.

Hair over your forehead may trap excess oil and bacteria produced in the skin, which accompanied with dirt and sweat — increases the risk of breakouts. A third point which we often tend to forget is that the styling products we subject our hair (and skin!) to, could be a culprit as well.

Here are a few expert recommended tips to steer clear of such skin blasphemy, and rock your bangs without any fear of impending acne.

1. Be smart about your 'bangs': You would be enraged if we told you that the best way to solve your forehead acne issue is by eliminating the source behind it, i.e. ditch the bangs. But relax, you just have to be smart about it. For instance, when you don't need to particularly show off your cute hairstyle in the public, tuck your bangs away to enable your skin to breathe! Simple tricks like wearing a scarf at night, a headband while sweating in the gym, or a shower cap during deep-conditioning treatments can really make a difference.

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Dove hairstylist, Cynthia Alvarez, recommends sweeping bangs into a hairstyle when it's just too damn hot. "For the days when you can't deal with your bangs, hide them in a cute braid or a twist. Top off the look by accessorising with a fancy pin," she says.

2.The right skin care routine: The worst thing that you can do to a forehead that is breakout prone is to use a rough facial scrub. Choose a gentle chemical formula, instead. At night, pamper yourself to some TLC by applying an exfoliating serum. Treat your blemishes to some salicylic acid spot treatment to remove excess oil and exfoliate dead cells, that have accumulated on the surface of your skin.

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3. Amp up your styling game: The products that you use in the insane pursuit of styling your hair, can really define the level of damage done to your forehead, by your bangs. Making a few simple twists can minimise the oil accumulation. For instance, while spritzing hair sprays, apply it to your comb instead, to avoid getting the product on the skin neighbouring your hairline. Secondly, skip applying products around your hairline, and directly on your scalp. Instead apply from the middle of the shaft to the ends, to prevent pomade acne, in the first place!

Pave your way to look BANGIN' (geddit?) without the unwanted acne. It is all about maintenance, and a hint of good sense.