#CosmoExclusive: 5 Secrets to Great Skin You Need to Know RN

Cosmo Ed Nandini Bhalla spoke to David Khoo, Head Scientific Communication, Asia Pacific, Olay, to get the dope on achieving flawless skin!

1. Energise your skin.
“Over time, our skin loses its ability to respond to the products we use. But research indicates that if you energise your skin, it can actually respond to ingredients more effectively. There are certain ingredients, like Niacinamide, that can seep directly into your skin’s energy pathway, and once these molecules are charged, they increase in number, thereby increasing your skin’s energy. The other way is to protect your skin’s ability to produce that energy, and one very clever way is to use antioxidants.”

2. Cut down your sugar intake.
“Cupcakes are delicious, but they may not be so great for your skin. Sugar reacts with the collagen in our skin and causes it to stiffen. This stiffening leads to the loss of elasticity and development of fine lines and wrinkles. Another side effect of the sweet stuff is that it causes skin to turn a bit yellow, as if caramelised.”

3. Manage stress.
“What can be surprising to many women is that emotional and mental stress can have a long-term impact on their skin. When you’re high-strung, your skin starts drying easily and actually becomes permeable—suddenly, it
becomes more prone to allergens and bacteria.”

4. Study your genes.
“A good thing to do is to ask your mom about her skin problems through the years—since you’ll likely face the same issues, you can take corrective steps right now.”

5. Alter your regime.
“Your skin changes through the years, so your skincare should change, too. When you’re a teenager, your skin produces more sebum, so it’s more prone to acne, and needs to be tackled accordingly. But 10 years later, that oily skin may become dry, and will require a hydrating product instead of an oil-free one. Take stock of your skin needs every few years.”