These Striking Eye Looks Will Elevate Your Make-Up in a Jiffy

Flutter out of your seasonal cocoon with these striking new eye looks.


1. Star-Studded

Difficulty 3/3

Boldly go where no (wo)man has gone before with this sci-fi masterpiece, courtesy of Prada AW/18. “Stencil out the shape with make-up tape,” says Sascha Jackson, Lead Make-Up at Stila. Place a curved piece of tape from the middle of the crease to the corner of the eyebrow and another from the outer corner of the eye up. Colour in the uncovered section with a pale blue eyeshadow stick, stopping at the centre of the lid. Add a cat-eye flick using a cobalt liner and dot silver face gems over the shadow. Remove the tape, then lightly smudge the eyeliner along the lower lashes, drawing the line out parallel to the upper wing. Add pale blue liquid liner to the inner corner of the lower waterline to brighten the eyes. Ready for takeoff. 



2. Wingin‘ Out

Difficulty 1.5/3

It’s not only kitty-cats—the vampy bat eye is having its 15 minutes, too. To recreate the Louis Vuitton AW/18 look, Sascha recommends using a liquid/pen eyeliner to trace the shape first. Draw from the inner corner of the eye, above the eyelid and up to the end of the eyebrow, and add another parallel flick from the outer corner of the eye, below the first. “Then follow the shape with a pencil liner and gently blend it out with a brush,” says Sascha. Add a pale blue shadow just below the brow, and fill the space between the two wings with peach shadow. You’d be batty not to love it.



3. Pretty In Punk

Difficulty 2/3

Can’t decide between gothic grunge or painterly pretty? Try this abstract cocktail of colour at Altuzarra AW/18. Start with the eyeliner. “Draw a think line across the top of the lid, building it up until you have the desired thickness,” says Sascha. “Add a high flick, aiming for the end of the brow.” Taking a fluffy brush, buff lilac shadow over the lid and brush turquoise shadow across the top of the cheekbone. To finish, add a slick of emerald liner along bottom lashes and rock on.