5 Ways To Get Lustrous Hair Overnight

Expert-approved tips and tricks to wake up with voluminous and lustrous hair.

Did you ever realise, your hair needs a night-time routine like your skin? You wouldn't go to bed with all your makeup on, would you? Simply hitting the pillow without a second thought to your hair can be nearly just as bad as not washing your face. 

“Caring for your hair as you sleep is just as important as caring for it when you’re awake, and even more-so because what you do before bed can be the difference between your curls being on point and being a big matted mess in the morning. Just like your skin, your hair needs to be protected and nourished at night,” says Menaka Bhandary, founder of Bengaluru-based Blown salons. Luckily, it's relatively easy to start a nighttime hair care routine that'll keep your locks healthy and strong while you sleep. Menaka lists out a few tips and tricks that you can follow to wake up with gorgeous hair in the morning.

1) Protect your hair from tossing and turning

Tying your hair up in that messy bun before bed isn’t the right thing to do. “Tight hair ties make your strands more susceptible to breakage, so opt for a loose braid instead,” advises Menaka. For better protection she suggests you put a silky headwrap around your hair or sleep on a satin pillowcase. “This will prevent the nightly friction from bed linens that damage the hair and cause slow growth, thinning, frizz, and split ends,” she says. 

2) Use an overnight hair treatment

For soft hair the morning after, give your locks a deep conditioning treatment while you drift off into a deep slumber. An overnight serum or hair mask will hydrate your hair and repair any damage. “Apply a nourishing serum at night  before you hit the pillow for eight hours of deep conditioning. The Kerastase Nutritive 8 Hour Magic Night Serum is a deeply nourishing, overnight leave-in serum for all hair types. The serum will restore day time loss of nutrients while you sleep,” says Menaka.

3) Hydrate your hair with oil

Just as oils can work wonders on your skin, they can do the same for your hair. Since oily hair during the day tend to attract more dirt, it’s better to apply it at night. This will also give your hair more time to soak the oil in before shampooing.

4) Detangle at night

The benefits of brushing your hair before bed is an ancient beauty habit that still holds good. “Tend to your tangles in the evening to make any next-day styling a breeze,” says Menaka.

5) Style your hair at night
Save time in the morning and reduce heat damage by styling your hair at night, with easy tricks. “If you are looking for a textured vibe, use a serum to build your base for styling before heading to bed,” says Menka. If you want beachy waves then braid your wet hair and leave it overnight. You will get perfect waves without an iron in the morning. “To give your hair fresh-out-of-the-salon smoothness, prep your hair with a serum for extra shine and softness,” adds Menka.