A Dermat-approved Skincare Routine for Oily Skin

Beat oily skin woes with this morning-to-evening routine

Oily skin comes with a set of challenges, which gets worse in monsoons due to the high levels of humidity in the air. If you have oily skin, you know what we are talking about. There’s a never-ending battle with acne breakouts, greasy forehead and chin, open pores and blackheads. How many time have you cursed co-workers and friends who have healthy, shine free skin? You’ve lost count! We feel you. 

“Some skin types tend to be more oily than others. It could be genetic in some cases and in others it's due to environmental factors,” says Dr Kiran Lohia, skin and cosmetic specialist and founder of Delhi-based ISYA Aesthetics. But the good news is that with the right skincare routine and products you could tame most of the issues. Dr Kiran lists a morning-to-evening routine that will help you get glowing, healthy and shine-free skin. 

Morning routine

“Sun damage is one of the important aspects to consider in the morning. Use a vitamin C fluid in the morning and add ferulic acid and vitamin E to get even more protection,” says Dr Kiran.

"Use a salicylic acid face wash twice a day. This is effective in dissolving the dead skin cells blocking the pores," she advises.


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"Follow the face wash with a light moisturiser to boost hydration," says Dr Kiran. Yes, oily skin needs moisturiser too. Environmental factors such as pollution, UV rays, and excessive cleansing tends to damage skin's moisture barrier and leads to increased oil production. You need to hydrate the skin by using a light moisturiser after cleansing the skin. 

oily skin treatment

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Dr Kiran suggests an oil-free, lightweight, gel based sunblock in the morning.

sun block

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Night routine

Wear a clay mask at the end of the day. "It will tighten your pores and reduce inflammation," says Dr Kiran. Cleansing the skin before going to bed is essential. 

clay mask

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Use a bakuchiol serum at night. "It’s great to prevent acne and pore obstruction while also boosting collagen," adds Dr Kiran. 


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If you do not have access to the products, Dr Kiran recommends you try a home-made mask. She shares the recipe below:

"Take 1/2 cup Multani Mitti, add 1/2 tsp honey to it. Mix well and apply on your face. Leave it for 20 minutes and then wash it off,” she says. This will tighten the pores and the honey will ensure your skin doesn’t get too dry." 

A tip for oily skin: “When you have a zit under the skin. Use a gentle warm compress intermittently to bring it up from under the skin,” advises Dr Kiran.