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How To Take Care of Curly Hair at Home

Tips and tricks to live your best curl life 

Curly hair looks great, but boy can it be high maintenance! Curly hair deserves its reputation for needing a lot more care than straight hair, because it is easily affected by changes in humidity, split ends can be more of a problem, and you are never far away from a frizz! How you care for your hair depends on the type of curly hair you have, so, if you love your curly hair and you want to know the best way to care for it, here are some effective tips from Menaka Bhandary, the founder of BLOWN, on how to take care of curly hair.

curly hair

1) Start at the bottom and work up

When you do wash your curly hair with conditioner, always begin by conditioning at the bottom of your hair, and then work your way up to the top. This is also the rule for combing or brushing your hair too. Staring at the bottom makes it easier to de-tangle hair.

curly hair

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2) Don’t dry curly hair with a towel 

Never rub your curly hair too vigorously with a towel to dry it, that’s a sure way to get frizzy hair. Blot it dry gently with a towel, or even better, use an old T-shirt in the place of a towel and this will reduce the risk of frizz even more. 

3) Use a wide toothed comb

 Avoid brushing curly hair, because this will separate the curls and create the hair frizz. Use a wide toothed comb instead and, working from the bottom up, gently detangle the hair.

curly hair

4) Less is always best with curly hair 

Go easy with styling products when you have curly hair. Be careful as you apply products, to make sure that you apply them evenly and be careful not to apply too much. If you are not careful, you can end up with a blob of excess product on just one part of your hair.

curly hair

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5) A night serum always helps

Keep your curls intact overnight by using Nutritive 8H Night Serum- the best way is by 'pineappling' your hair on the top of the head and twisting it so as to reduce friction while you sleep

curly hair

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Try these tricks to get a good handle on your curls and see them bounce and shine with health. Trust us, they won’t poof out, frizz up or deflate when you are least expecting them to do so.