5 Everyday Habits That Damage Your Hair

Nip these bad habits in the bud for thick and lustrous hair

Have you been losing a lot of hair recently or do they just look limp and lifeless? Blame the weather if you may, but it could also be because of some of your daily habits. You are wondering what habits? You’ve been shampooing your hair, towel drying it and then setting it in place with a blow dryer. What’s wrong in this? To begin with, good hair requires more efforts than this and also there are few things that you aren't doing right here. Read on to find out.

Over cleansing your hair

While it’s important to keep the scalp clean, washing it frequently, almost every day will rip it off its natural oils. Using a shampoo that has harsh sulphates in it can make your hair dry and brittle.     

Using a tight hair tie

The easiest way to keep your hair from bothering you while you work from home or exercise is to tightly secure it with a hair tie. And there are chances that you put the hair tie in the same spot every day. The hair that stays tied up will show wear and tear and will break off easily. 

Wrapping your hair in a towel after washing it

This is something you do out of habit. The moment you step out from the shower, you wrap your hair in a towel while you do your makeup and put on clothes. But this could be harming your hair. How? By the time you let your hair down, your hair is almost dry, so the products that you apply like mousse or serum doesn’t get evenly distributed. Ideally, you should apply the product to wet hair and then wrap it in a towel.

Using a brush to detangle wet hair

Wet hair is fragile and prone to breakage, when you try to run a brush to detangle the knots, you end up damaging the hair from the roots.  

Blow drying your hair immediately after washing.

The heat of the dryer can cause damage to the hair cuticle leading to breakage. But should you completely give up on a dryer? No, you can use the cool setting on hair that’s been air dried a little, from a distance.