The 4 Best Skincare Tools to Reduce Puffiness, Skin Inflammation and Redness

These multi-purpose beauty tools are *totally* worth your money. 

The ongoing global pandemic has compelled us to navigate and explore the world of at-home skincare.

While the limited access to salons and spas has hit us hard, the latest innovations in the world of beauty have paved the way for a brighter, self-reliant future. Yup, these tools and devices are a *major* investment—hey, think twice before you splurge on an exorbitantly priced face lifting device—however, knowing to buy only those tools that address your specific skin concerns is what matters. 

Speaking of common beauty woes, puffiness, inflammation and redness happen to be front-runners. If you're struggling with one (or more) of these, let us give you a hand in picking the absolute best tools and gadgets in the biz, that specifically work to tackle these ailments. 

(All skincare tools available at House of Beauty, by Vibhuti Arora)


Ice Roller


The ideal summer skincare tool, an ice roller helps de-puff and brighten tired skin, along with reducing inflammation and puffiness. The coolness from the ice roller gently calms and relieves acne flare-ups, and other other puffiness and inflammation—especially around the eyes—by stimulating lymphatic drainage. To use the tool, place it in the freezer for approximately 10 minutes. 


Ice Globes


An at-home facial massage with the HOB ice globes is a rejuvenating and cooling experience that promotes blood circulation and oxygenation to your skin. It also works to soothe any skin inflammation and reduces the appearance of large, open pores. Offering similar benefits to that of the ice roller, the ice globes can be used in the under-eye area to decrease any puffiness. The ice globes will work more effectively when used with a face oil, allowing them to deeply penetrate into your facial tissue. 


HOB High Frequency Magic Wand


Making high-tech dermatological devices more readily available and accessible for at-home skincare, the HOB high frequency can now be put to work in the comfort of your home! The magic wand targets a wide range of skin conditions such as cystic acne, enlarged pores, acne pits, and lends a boost of cellular energy to kill the bacteria present on the surface of your skin. 


7 Colour LED Photon Face Shield


This advanced LED face shield addresses a plethora of skin concerns including dark spots, hyperpigmentation, stubborn scars, etc. Offering soothing skincare properties through seven powerful lights—red, blue, green, yellow, white, purple, and clear blue light—the different colours tackle signs of premature skin ageing, reduce inflammation and improve micro-circulation. They also go on to improve skin metabolism, visibly minimise the appearance of scars, and stimulate skin cell renewal.