Quarantine Skin: All You Can Eat to Clear Your Skin

Sudden breakouts, dry, flaking skin and more, here's a comprehensive meal plan to heal from within to glow outside. 

Staying inside your home, bingeing on your favourite shows and snacks may not be as good for your skin as you think. With stress levels at an all-time high, lower activity levels and more exposure to the blue light from your electronic devices, your skin health requires more TLC than ever.  

As always, you are what you eat and apart from amping your skincare regime, you must also indulge in a diet that heals your skin. "It is beneficial to have one or two spoons of fermented veggies such as cabbage, cauliflower and carrots that can be had in the form of a homemade pickle. This can be had with your daily meals to give your body beneficial bacteria. Turmeric and coriander are a few herbs that you absolutely need in your meals to detox your liver and are beneficial for your skin," says nutritionist and lifestyle educator Karishma Chawla.

Check out her suggestions for a glowing-skin diet:

Morning: Whip up a green smoothie by mixing your favourite veggies and fruits such as an apple/berries/orange to help in liver detox. 

Breakfast: A bowl of oats helps feed the gut bacteria that rids the body toxins and lowers inflammation. Add lean protein like eggs or protein shake for a complete meal – to amp up your collagen and skin protein levels.

Mid-morning: A bowl of papaya to prevent constipation

Lunch: Jowar roti with a green vegetable such as spinach or methi + 1 bowl of dal/pulse + 1 bowl salad - This makes a complete meal that enhances gut health leading to optimal skincare.

Evening snack: Carrot sticks rolled in butter for better conversion of Vitamin A in the body OR tomato and asparagus sauteed in olive oil with rosemary for a zing OR kale, avocado, protein- eggs/ protein shake/ paneer cutlet.

Dinner: Leek soup (a great prebiotic)/ broccoli (for anti-cancer properties+ better thyroid health + healthy skin) + spinach soup + sauteed mushrooms (antioxidants + immunity) + grilled fish( lean protein + anti-inflammatory )

You must also have a regular intake of fluids that help with digestion, aid gut health and enhance the immune system. From regular water to flavoured ones, here are some options to gulp down:

- Plain water
- Fennel water
- Lime water
- Caraway seed water
- Apple cider vinegar in lukewarm water
- Cold-pressed coconut oil in lukewarm water
- Chamomile tea
- Green tea with dash lime
- Aloe vera
- Diluted vegetable juices
- Water infused with lime or slice of fruit