Everything You Need to Know About 'Cloud Skin', the Dreamiest Beauty Trend

Say hello to lit-from-within skin with a soft focus, imitating the hazy glow that emerges between the clouds and a clear blue sky on a warm, sunny day. 

Cloud skin (buh-bye glass skin) is the newest—and 'glowy-est'—makeup trend that has been doing the rounds in the beauty biz. While the 'glass skin' trend stuck around for a long time, it seems as though makeup moguls prefer a look that eases up on the highlighter and gives a more natural, fresh appeal. "Cloud skin emphasises a hazy, lit-from-within look, rather than an intense, all-over glow," explains Ashima Kapoor, Celebrity Makeup Artist.

"This is contrary to previous trends that focus on high-beam and high-shine, or a wet-looking gleam like glass skin. The overall finish on the skin should appear to be similar to an ethereal, hazy glow that emerges between the clouds and a blue sky on a warm, sunny day. It all comes down to striking a balance between dewy, glowy, and matte," she adds. 

Now that you know what this latest trend is all about, let's find out how to achieve it IRL. 


Begin with prepping your skin—since it is clear, spotless skin that lends the perfect base for makeup. "Cleanse, tone, moisturise, and go the extra mile by adding a primer oil to your skincare routine that'll give way to radiant, glowing skin. To attain a luminous glow-from-within, apply a liquid highlighter before using a foundation, such that when you top up your skin with the foundation, the highlighter looks diffused rather than extra shiny. Choose a liquid or powder highlighter that melts into your skin like butter and doesn't give a cakey feel," suggests Chandni Goyal, Makeup Artist, Anastasia Beverly Hills India. 

Pooja Malhotra, Makeup Artist, KIKO Milano, adds, "It is important to note where you apply the foundation or tinted moisturiser to create a matte, cloudy finish. You could opt for a translucent powder and apply it on the hollows of your cheeks, upper forehead, bridge of the nose and chin, giving your skin an understate matte effect. Remember to apply a highlighter on all the high points of the face."

"You could also go ahead and prepare a concoction of a few pumps of foundation with a few drops of liquid highlighter, along with a translucent powder. Mix the products with the help of a stripling brush and apply it to your skin for a subtle, soft glow. This trend is all about a flawless look whilst feeling natural and authentic, providing the skin with a soft-focus and a blurring effect," says Malhotra. 

Finally, lock your lit-from-within look with a setting spray that leaves your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.