4 Ayurvedic Toners to Nourish and Rejuvenate Skin

Check out these amazing Ayurvedic toners and stay carefree about dull and dehydrated skin throughout the day.

Our skin is exposed to pollution and harsh UV sun rays throughout the day and maintaining a clean, non-greasy look can be challenging, especially in hot and humid weather. Using a toner helps instantly refresh skin and revive complexion as it replenishes the lost nutrients and soothes skin thoroughly. Providing an instant dose of hydration and refining pores, toners are ideal for getting rid of impurities and excessive sebum as they clean by penetrating deep into the skin surface and ensure better skin health, without requiring water. So, here are some of the best toners formulated with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge and premium herb extracts that will nourish, hydrate, and pamper your skin when it needs a quick pick-me-up.   

For Minimising Pores

Forest Essentials Panchpushp Facial Toner

With added jasmine flower oil and glycerine, it helps skin lock in moisture for long-lasting hydration and reduces the appearance of pores for a smoother texture.


Combining the wholesome goodness of five flowers—rose, marigold, mogra, saffron, and kewra—this authentic Ayurvedic toner has unadulterated floral waters collected by steam distillation. This cruelty-free toner hydrates and makes skin supple, while adding a natural glow to it.

For Oil-Free Freshness

Just Herbs Myrrh Sandalwood Facial Toner

PETA-certified and alcohol-free, this toner has been formulated especially for oily/combination skin types.


With the therapeutic qualities of myrrh and sandalwood, this vegan toner provides deep pore cleansing and gets rid of even the smallest traces of pollution, make-up residue, and grime. Packed with antioxidants, it fights skin ageing and revives dull, exhausted skin. Added Indian senna extract makes this toner a potent antibacterial and anti-inflammatory one, which cools and soothes skin thoroughly.

For Astringent Benefits

Kama Ayurveda Pure Vetiver Water

Cooling and refreshing, it is PETA-approved and does not contain any harsh chemicals like petrochemicals, artificial colours, and preservatives.


Made from steam distillation process (to ensure optimal purity and hygiene) of the perennial vetiver grass, indigenous to the Aligarh region of North India, this face and body mist works wonders when it comes to hydrating skin and maintaining its natural pH. With potent astringent qualities, this vegan face and body toner clarifies and tightens the pores, removing the dirt, excessive sebum, and other impurities.

For Quick Detox

Vedix Saday Gentle Glow Hydrating Face Toner

Containing niacinamide that helps seal moisture into the skin layers for long, this cruelty-free formula ensures clear and supple skin all day, sans any nasty chemicals.

Cooling and calming irritated skin with cucumber and rose extracts, this toner is perfect for keeping dullness and dehydration at bay. It effectively unclogs pores while purifying and tightening them, without disturbing the natural pH level of skin.