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Meet Sruthy Sithara, the First Indian to Win Miss Trans Global 2021

Representing the transgender community of India, the Kerela-born 25-year-old bagged the Miss Trans Global title this year.

Paving the way for others in the transgender community, Sruthy Sithara becomes the first Indian to hold the Miss Trans Global title. Taking to Instagram, she said, "Miss Trans Global 2021. This smile means a lot. For me, for my community, for my country, for the transglobal organisation, for all those who are oppressed and marginalised. Here I am, Sruthy Sithara, Miss Trans Global 2021 title winner. Thank you so much to all who are behind this successful journey."

The international beauty pageant—which was meant to take place in London—took place virtually instead, owing to the ongoing pandemic. R. Bindu, the Minister for Higher Education and Social Justice, Government of Kerala, also took to social media to congratulate Sruthy on her big win. He wrote, "Keralite Sruthy Sithara has been selected as Miss Trans Global 2021, a title she achieved after a long fight against prejudices galore and the narrow mindset of our society. A matter of immense pride for Kerala. Congratulations, Sruthy." 


Sruthy revealed that she was only expecting a position among the top five in the six-month-long competition and that the title came as a surprise. She thanked her fellow competitors as well as her family for the achievement. "I grew up in a family that has always loved me to bits. My mom is no more, but my dad, brother and his wife have all been extremely supportive of me. Thanks to them, I didn’t have to endure a phase of fights in my locality either, unlike many trans people. Your family is your first society, and if they accept you, the rest of the world will have to follow suit," she said in an interview with Times of India. 

Although, her journey wasn't a smooth sail, to say the least. "I, too, have been subjected to various kinds of [ill]treatment a transgender person would usually face from peers at school and college. My effeminate nature has often made me the butt of jokes and hurtful comments. Many found one reason or the other to poke fun at me, but I managed to handle it by changing the subject, laughing it off, or acting as though I didn’t pay attention. I have hardly reacted to the mean comments aimed at me," she added in the interview. 

In an interview with The New Indian Express, she put forth, "We want the world to know we are normal and are an equal part of society. Many people who are scared to come out have been approaching me about their struggles."

Speaking about her hopes for the future, she said, "[I am] privileged to be a transgender person, [and] will inspire everyone to come through with flying colours with determination and a positive attitude towards life. That’s my motto too. This title will help me in leading and inspiring life with self-esteem, pride and dignity, not just for me but for a crowd of people who hide their faces under the shades of the rainbow. I want to show the world that we are capable of doing everything that a human does." 

Sruthy was also crowned the 'Most Eloquent Queen' at the pageant, with candidates from the Philippines and Canada as runner-ups.