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5 hydrating face masks you need in your skincare routine

Sunday spaday, here we come!

No matter how long and extensive your skincare routine is, you will agree that there is no step that feels more indulgent than the face mask. Especially a hydrating face mask. There’s something so soothing about flipping through a book while your skin just absorbs all the hydrating goodness. Ah, it’s what we consider a perfect weekend. Although, if you think about it, giving your skin that little extra TLC is not optional anymore, it’s a necessity. Take a moment to consider what we put it through every day and you’ll see our point. Pollution, climate change, blue light from our computer screens the list goes on.

We’ve rounded up the five hydrating face masks that work on dull and dry skin and leave it cotton-y soft. Take 20 minutes out every week and your parched skin will thank you.

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Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque

This ultra facial overnight mask by Kiehls is infused with fountain plant, glacial glycoprotein and desert plant extract that intensively moisturize the skin. Using it once a week will replenish the skin’s water reserves for long-lasting hydration. To use, apply a generous amount of product onto clean skin. Allow it to work overnight and in the morning follow your regular skincare routine. Regular use will leave you with skin velvety soft.

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Shiseido Waso Purifying Peel-Off Mask

This peel-off mask from Shisedo works on dull, dry skin by absorbing all the impurities and making you look vibrant. Just because you’re exhausted after a long week of presentations, clients and deadlines tighter than the string of your PJs doesn’t mean your skin should not be radiating.

This peel-off mask contains shiso extract, whole loquat leaf cells, anti-pollution powder and mineral elements that bring clarity to the skin. Apply the product on clean, dry skin once or twice a month. Wait approximately 20 minutes until the mask dries and no longer feels sticky to the touch. Then, peel off the mask from top to bottom. Satisfying and good at its job, are you ready to meet your new Sunday Spaday buddy?

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Laneige Cream Skin Quick Skin Pack

The more impactful cousin of sheet masks, the Laneige cream skin mask is made up of tight-fit tencel sheets that tighten skin and provide instant hydration. It’s the on-the-go product for days you feel like your skin needs a TLC boost. To use, take out as many tencel sheets as you need and paste them on the areas of your face that look dull and feel parched (cheeks, forehead and chin). Remove these after two minutes and dab (we can’t emphasise this enough—don’t rub!) from the centre of your face outwards for better absorption.

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Bioderma Sensibio mask

If your skin breaks out at the mere thought of using a new product, this Sensibio mask from Bioderma is for you. Along with moisturising the skin, it also calms it down and reduces redness and the itchy sensation that sensitive skin is usually prone to. Think of it like a moisturising bath and a soothing balm all wrapped up in one.

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Clinique moisture surge auto-replenishing hydrator

Packed with the goodness of hyaluronic acid, activated aloe water (water infused with aloe barbadensis leaf extract) and a blend of vitamins C and E, this replenishing face mask from Clinique is your weapon against all dehydrating agents.

A cult favourite, this mask is an oil-free gel cream that penetrates deep into the skin and locks in moisture. In this way, it creates a system through which your skin can hydrate itself. A reservoir, if you will. It is recommended to use this product twice a day on clean skin. Pollution and its band of goons won’t be able to terrorize your skin anymore. Oh, this mask can also be used as a hydrating makeup primer. Can you really ask for more?