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Camila Cabello’s makeup-free selfies are transporting us back to the 90s

How can one be so flawless?

As if Camila Cabello's voice wasn't enough confirmation that she's a RL angel, the pop star has only gone and shared a flawless makeup-free selfie. I mean, she really did draw some good good luck in that gene pool, circa 25 years ago.

In a recent four-part Instagram carousel, Cam is seen to be posing (read: with her middle finger up... and Ioop) on the streets of Manhattan, New York. And if that didn't get you 'oohing' and 'ahhing', just wait until you see her au naturale look; there's not a single drop of foundation or mascara in sight. At most, we'd predict that she's wearing lip balm – gotta' keep the skin hydrated y'know.

Not only are we in admiration of how great Camila looks but she's also providing a sense of nostalgia and transporting us straight back to the 90s. "I’m team flip phone revolution. Maybe I can write the theme song guys 💪💪💪💪", she writes in the caption of her post.


Paired with a trusted cap and curtain bangs, Camila and her flip phone are a force for the future. Back to the future that is! When worlds (and time) collide, ey.

Side note: Does anyone else wish it were a pink Motorola Razr V3 she was holding?

IDK about you, but I'll be forever waiting for a Camila Cabello skincare routine. Hint HINT.