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5 skincare tips to keep in mind for a long-haul flight 

So you land at your destination looking as fresh as ever!

One of the mysteries of life that I’ve never been able to solve is how celebrities come out of the airport, having survived what must be a long flight, looking like they just stepped out of a spa—I always exit the airport with skin that looks extremely dull, dry, and dehydrated. But turns out, there is a way to fix it—prepping your skin before and after a flight, especially a long one, can help keep your skin looking happy and healthy.

So, if you’re going on a vacation this summer, make note of these tips to care for your skin on a flight. 

Ditch the make-up


You might be tempted to apply at least the slightest bit of make-up before your flight—hiding those tired under-eye bags with concealer can be tempting—but know that make-up will do more harm than good. Travelling can already be a big stressor for your skin, with the change in environment and the presence of bacteria and dirt. Applying a layer of make-up will just add to the stress and make it harder for your skin to remain balanced. 

Cleanse thoroughly

The next step is washing your face to get rid of any bacteria, oil, and grime that might lead to breakouts. To make sure your face is thoroughly cleaned, double cleansing is your best bet—first use a cleansing balm or oil to breakdown oil-based impurities, and then follow it up with a gentle cleanser to get rid of any residue. 

Hydration is key—both for your skin and yourself


The cabin air on planes is notorious for being arid, and can quickly dry out your skin. Now, you have a clean slate that will be better at absorbing all the serums and moisturisers. Start with a hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid, and then seal the moisture with a nourishing face cream. If you want to go the extra mile, use a facial mist for an extra boost of hydration. But remember, hydrating your body from within is just as essential—keep drinking water at intervals throughout your flight.
Don’t forget to apply SPF

While SPF is not something that immediately comes to mind when stepping on a flight, it’s an important step in your flight skincare routine. At a high altitude, where we’re closer to the ozone layer, slathering your sunscreen is a must, especially if it’s a day flight and you’ve picked a window seat. Choose one that is SPF 30 or higher, and apply a lip balm and hand cream with SPF, too. 

Keep sheet masks handy 

sheet mask

While sheet masks usually get a back rep for not doing much compared to actual serums and essences, your in-flight skincare routine could benefit from the refreshed feeling and hydration they provide. For skin that is extra plump and moisturised, pair them with your hyaluronic acid serum. This way, you can prevent the cabin air from making your skin feel drier than your ex’s text game!