5 Bath gloves that will up your exfoliation game

Goodbye, dry and dull skin! 

27 October, 2022
5 Bath gloves that will up your exfoliation game

Yes, we know the winters are coming, and while that means no shave days, it also means the season of dry skin. And who likes dry skin, especially when it comes in a package with dry itch? You could try moisturising, sure, but with the cold winds and the increasing pollution, sometimes your skin needs more TLC. This is why we are looking into what may be the best and the least laborious way to achieve smooth skin—exfoliating gloves. 

Known to get rid of dead skin, add vibrancy, minimise fine lines, reduce acne and acne scars, and improve skin tone, exfoliating gloves are a rather overlooked tool of body care, although, if we may add, body exfoliation itself is often not given its due. 

That said, we bring you the best picks for exfoliating gloves.

1.    The Body Shop Bath Gloves

Body Shop Bath Gloves

This one from a trusted brand comes in cheerful colours and is an easy pick for someone looking to test exfoliating gloves for the first time. 

2.    Dot & Key Exfoliating Mit

Dot and Key exfoliating mit

Lather it up in the shower with this mit. “Not too rough on the skin and works wonderfully well for those pesky ingrown hair,” said one of its reviewers.

3.    Ghar Soaps Exfoliating Body Glove

Ghar Soaps Exfoliating body Gloves

A new entrant on the block, this brand has gained a great deal of popularity across all its SKUs, including the gloves, which have a lot of rave reviews to its credit.

4.    MCaffeine Exfoliating Bath Glove


Made with ramie fabric, this is suitable for sensitive skin but also excellent for those with stubborn skin that needs an extra push. 

5.    BeautifulMe Moroccan Hammam Exfoliating Glove

BeautifulMe Moroccan Hammam Exfoliating Glove

Made with natural plant fibre, this one comes with a handy elastic band, similar to the MCaffeine glove, which allows for super convenient use.