All the nailspo you need for your maximalist mani era

Let your digits do all the talking. 

By Beth Gilette
12 May, 2023
All the nailspo you need for your maximalist mani era

Everyone loves a good mani! Here's some mani inspo for you if maximalism is your thing.

Heavy meta

Heavy metal

Chrome manis, yes, but you know what’s even better: skipping polish altogether in favour of chrome spheres (Amazon has plenty of options for all the nail accessories on this page). To DIY, dot nail glue onto the base of each nail, then press on a sphere and hold for a few seconds.

Mixed mediums 

mixed mediums

Can’t decide between all the nailspo in your IG saves? Go ahead and try ’em all—all at once. Playing with different lengths, shapes, and designs isn’t only acceptable, it’s encouraged.

Petal party

petal party

Another actually groundbreaking use of florals for Spring! Pair them with teeny gemstones and an elongated coffin nail shape.

Finger paints

finger paints

You could paint just your nails, or you could totally embrace 2023 by extending the polish past your cuticles for a full-on hand art moment. Any metallic shade will create this cool ‘jewellery’ effect.

Under covers

Under covers

Introducing the most perfect mani for anyone who sucks at doing their nails...because they’re press-ons attached to gloves (you can even DIY it!). Bonus points if you line the corners of your eyes with matching rhinestones.