The best beauty looks from Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 2023

Be it for a night on the town or a Sunday brunch, we found you your next make-up inspiration. 

By Sakshi Deshmukh
16 October, 2023
The best beauty looks from Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 2023

With the commencement of Lakmé Fashion Week X FDCI 2023, the lords of fashion have risen again to bestow the best of style and beauty inspo upon us. The week kicked off on a rather sprightly note with some of the best designers in the industry exhibiting unique silhouettes, intricate handiwork, and a lot of noteworthy beauty looks. 

While the outfits often take centre stage at fashion weeks, here are beauty looks from LFW you should bookmark right away! 

Day 1:

Icy Shadow at the Samant Chauhan show

lfw beauty

Samant Chauhan’s collection, ‘Ice Watch’, was truly a visual splendour and the glistening white eyeshadow on models further enhanced the iciness of it. We are taking notes and are all set to revive this winter queen look. Whether you are ready to let your hair down this weekend or are heading to a cocktail party, this versatile look works for both, offering a clean, futuristic allure to your make-up. Pro tip: Keep the lip muted to let the focus be on the eyes.

Cosmic glitterati

lfw beauty

Geisha Designs by Paras and Shalini’s show reminded us of the glam in Euphoria. This bold, artsy look blends cosmos with a disco theme. If you ever need to look extra for a party, cop this look and you will be ready to go. 

Hint of sepia 

lfw beauty

The label No Grey Area has reminded us that you can never go wrong with a hint of sepia—be it on your lips, cheeks, or eyelids. It is going to be the ultimate game-changer. While the notorious designs grabbed all the attention, the warm yet refreshing make-up palette was the underdog that helped elevate the look. Lesson? A soft peach-toned touch of make-up might just be the fairy godmother of a real-life Cinderella. 

Day 2:

Kohl infused gaze 


On day two, Payal Pratap's show gave us some major kohl-eye moments, like those part of an age-old story about royalty. The lesson here? For the coming festive season, all you’re going to need is a bold kohl pencil and some eyeshadow to accentuate your eyes. And just like that, you’re good to go. With little to no effort, this make-up look creates a beauty statement that is bound to turn heads. 

A multi-hued symphony 


Splashes of pink and yellow caught our eyes as R-Elan presented the Circular Design Challenge show. The playfulness that these hues added to the lids was quite the highlight of the beauty look. And well, we are adding it to our moodboard for an upcoming music festival.  

The crown coil 


It’s time to bring the top knot bun back, for the Abraham & Thakore show is proof that it’s never going out of style. From cocktail parties to a day out in town, this chic hairstyle is likely to blend with all your outfits. 

The chromatic tale of braids 


Some colour at the tip of your braid is probably all you’re going to need this season to elevate your free spirit. And this look in the Payal Pratap show has the right inspiration for you. Grab your golden chance to go crazy and mix colours, all you want. Let your intrusive thoughts take the win for once. 

Day 3:

Aqueous sheen 


Shivan & Narresh’s models were explicitly seen in the classic ‘wet hair look’. And if you ask us, you don’t necessarily have to walk a red carpet or a ramp to pull this off. The hairstyle is quite flattering in itself and, above all, pretty easy to achieve. All you are going to need is a nourishing leave-in conditioner, a setting spray, and some frizz-reducing hair serum. That’s it. Now, put on some mascara and a party dress to make every lane your own carpet of glamour. 

Graphic canvas


Strokes of graphic eyeshadow were the highlight of Pankaj & Nidhi’s contemporary fairytale. This is your calling to ditch your usual palette to experiment with muted shades of ivory and gold. 

Crismon lip and a snatched ponytail, the ultimate duo 


Gauri & Nainika’s spring collection drew inspiration from the vintage world of prints. But as the models walked down the runway, we couldn’t help but think about how a red lip paired with a sleek pony could blend with almost every look. Effortless and chic. Running late for a meeting? Get the perfect snatched ponytail and complete the look with a dash of red for the lip. Bad hair day? A sleek pony will come to your rescue. Puffy eyes? A red lip will draw attention away from it. 

The bedhead waves 


Janhvi Kapoor has brought back the bedhead waves, and while her look is oozing with glamour, this is a win for the ever-late-running “Be there in five minutes” gang. Because a voguish yet easy hairstyle like this will actually get them in places on time. Texturing hair products and a curling iron are all you will need. 

Day 4:

Tinted gaze 


The next time you use blush, swipe some at the corner of your eyes too, for Pero’s show helped us with some inspiration. Their vibrant showcase ‘Cuckoo & Coo’ was wilderness paired with fashion lessons coming straight from Alice’s Wonderland. They are proof that an experiment lead by the gut almost never goes wrong. 

Retro glam 


It’s official that retro-glam is a timeless classic that even the heavens would come down to embrace for a fancy night. The perfectly arched eyebrows, the dramatic wing on the eye, defined lips, and a pro-level contour game were the underdogs that rose for the Rara Avis ‘Into The Wild’ collection. 

Thick tendrils 


The rom-com world’s favorite—tendrils—made a comeback and how. Channelise your sunshine energy with broad strands of tendrils and a sleek pony this fall season. 

Day 5:

The ‘90s baby braid


On day five, we spotted the aesthetics of every ‘90s girl—baby braids. Add a pop of colour to liven up the look and just like that, you’re set for the weekend. 

Side-swept hair 


To end the fashion extravaganza, Ananya Panday turned showstopper for designer Bibhu Mohapatra. The actor dazzled in a blazer and a chic jumpsuit, pairing the look with classic side-swept hair. 

The opulent pout 



Another look that caught our attention was on the show titled ‘Fashion Wears Art’ by FDCI. While the cult-favorite rhinestone trend took over TikTok and the ‘gram in no time, it died just as quickly. And now, might be the time for revival.