What does your go-to hairstyle say about your personality?

Here's what your mane is saying about you!

What does your go-to hairstyle say about your personality?

We all know from experience that changing your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to elevate your look. However, most often, we don’t have the time to create complex hairstyles daily, but we do tend to gravitate towards one or two basic hairstyles every day. Whether you’re a messy bun kind of person or you prefer a high ponytail, your choice speaks volumes about your personality. Read on to know what your go-to hairstyle says about you! 

The messy bun  

Do you subconsciously tie your hair in a messy bun at every chance you get? You’re free-spirited and follow your whims and fancies. You’re also a loyal and dependable friend who doesn’t hesitate to take a stand. This adorable hairstyle points towards your creative nature and dreamer-like personality which ensures you find your groove in life.  

Let your hair down

If you prefer to go the wash and let loose route, chances are, you are comfortable in your skin. It also indicates you are impatient and slightly stubborn. Hence, you gravitate towards a hairstyle that is easy to create and has very little fuss and muss. The hairstyle also says that you value logic over all else, are competitive, and goal-oriented. You are straightforward and in social situations, especially around those you consider your close ones, you are easy-going and a carefree enthu-cutlet. 

The high ponytail 

A ponytail is functional and practical. If you often tie your hair up with adorable scrunchies (or even regular bands that always vanish into thin air), it says you are efficient and like to keep things stylish yet simple. You are confident and elegant, and tend to put other's needs before yours.  

Braid it up 

If a casual braid is your preferred hairstyle, you are most likely introverted. You invest your time and energy only in people in your inner circle. You don’t like having the spotlight on yourself and always put the needs of others first. However, this doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you. You loathe drama and actively avoid people who you feel harsh your mellow. You know when to put your foot down and speak your mind when something is genuinely important. 

On the other hand, if your go-to hairstyle is a fancier type of braid (think fish or crown), you might be a perfectionist at work and someone who knows how to have a good time. It shows that you are willing to go that extra mile to tie up loose ends!