All You Need to Know About Shattered Nails!


The latest mani trend is literally quite shattering for your digits, as they kinda look like broken glass nails. This shattered nail art was started by a South Korean manicurist who used shards of cellophane to create this holographic nail trend. They are also coming up with shattered nail stickers to offer an easy DIY.

Till then try using real pieces of broken glass for this nail art... JUST KIDDING!!  You can totally pull of this trend by being a little creative. Find any sort of glossy paper/sheet/sticker and cut 'em into tiny pieces to create this nail art.

We also found a video of a blogger using glossy nail stickers for this mani:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=St3OzTCe4eM[/youtube]

And here's some inspo to rock #ShatteredNails

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