9 Common Myths About Hair Fall and Hair Growth Busted!

Here are some of the most common myths associated with hair fall and growth busted by Dove experts!




1) Cutting hair promotes hair growth.

Hair is non-viable tissue, and there is no way to make it grow or not grow by cutting it. In addition, cutting hair does not make it stronger or weaker, curlier or straighter. Although cutting the hair may make it appear thicker due to the removal of split ends and added volume, the hair will not become fuller.

2) If you massage your scalp, your hair will grow faster.

Maybe that's what Rapunzel was up to all alone in that castle, yeah? MYTH.

There is no direct effect of any physical stimulation of the scalp on the hair follicles, although prolonged massaging may result in frictional damage to hair. Yikes!

3) Regularly changing shampoos is causing your hair loss.

Our scalp does not become used to one kind of shampoo, this concept does not apply to shampoos. So next time you want to experiment with different kinds of shampoo, go ahead!

4) Stress is affecting your hair growth and causing your hair to fall.

Unless you're under major traumatic stress, like the time Tyra Banks announced that there will be no further cycles of America's Next Top Model, stress has no direct relation to hair loss!

Only severe traumatic stress has been known to cause a temporary and sudden thinning of hair, known as telogen effluvium. Dove researchers say that once the stress has been reduced or eliminated, in almost all cases, hair growth returns to normal.

5) Taking vitamins will help in hair growth.

Since your hair is basically a dead tissue, taking vitamins or rubbing a vitamin potion on the scalp does not affect hair growth or hair fall in any way.

6) Hair loss doesn't affect young women.

Hair loss and thinning can occur in girls as young as twelve years of age! There can be several reasons for hair loss, like hormonal changes, and aging is not the only cause.

7) Using a conditioner causes hairfall.

Many people believe that using conditioner may cause hairfall, but this is also a myth!

Using a conditioner helps in detangling hair, thus leading to prevention of hair fall due to breakage, but excessive use may weigh the hair down, but not stop its growth.

8) If you pluck one grey hair, it will result in multiple grey hairs sprouting from your scalp.

Hair color is due to the melanin produced hair follicles. When these cells stop producing pigment, the hair turns to white or grey. This does not mean that plucking a grey hair might result in 20 more!

9) Dandruff causes hair loss.

Extensive research done by Dove experts has revealed that there is, in fact, no scientific co relation between dandruff and hair loss, other than the fact that vigorous scratching because of a dry scalp may cause hair to break, resulting in hair loss.

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