9 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Eyebrows

...cuz it's all about that brow!




Some girls like their brows (eh, cute!), but then there a some girls who LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEE their brows! Are you brow obsessed?! Let's find out! 

1) You own more brow products than your local beauty supplies store!
"Doesn't everyone?!"

2) You refuse to believe the "They are sisters, not twins" statement.
...because they better look like twins!

3) You believe over plucking should be a crime.

4) Your 'brown merch' puts Forever21 to shame.
Brow cosmetic bag, brow t-shirt, brow cell phone case... you got it all! 

5) You carry an umbrella just for your brows!
Who cares about getting my hair wet when I got gorgeous brows to protect? #priorities

6) You have your very own 'brow girl'!
...and you refuse to let anyone else touch your brows!

7) You would rather brush your brows than your actual hair!
So rather have my #browsonfleek than my hair! 

8) 80% of your makeup time is spending doing the brows, and 20% for whatever else!
Because a strong brow is a true game changer! 

9) You constantly find yourself staring at other peoples brows!
"If only her right arch was as high as her left..."