This Green Blusher Magically Changes Color to Suit Your Skin





While we're always very open to try new and slightly odd beauty trends (rainbow lashes ftw) when we first saw one of our fave cult beauty brands had brought out a new GREEN blusher shade - we were slightly skeptical.

Because at first glance, the new  Lipstick Queen's Frog Prince Cream Blush, £22 (2114 INR approx.) is literally the swampiest, grungiest, dirty green colour in all of the land. And no one, we repeat: no one, needs that on their cheeks.

But hey, guess what. It's 2016 and not everything is all that it seems. Because the Frog Prince Cream Blush is actually a tricksy little game changer that literally suits EVERYONE.

When applied, the grungy green cream actually goes on sheer, and then adapts to your very own skin tone by mixing with the ph-levels in your skin.

It's all q. sciencey, but basically: once the blusher's been applied it transforms into a glorious rosy-pink flush that's super natural and specifically flattering to whoever is wearing it.