Here's a 4-Step Guide to Master Kim K's 'Kontour' Hack

Make-up artist Ashom Wangnao tries the clever hack Kim Kardashian swears by, and gets the results!




The truth: you don't really need to go under the knife to get a straighter nose or a chiselled jawline. Just master the Kim K 'Kontour' (which she posted about), with the help of foundation in a few shades darker and lighter than your skin tone. Just follow these simple steps below, and voilà!

#1. Once you moisturise your face, start with a primer (a clear-based one works best). Then take a foundation stick lighter than your skin tone and use it on areas a, b, c, d, and e as shown in picture 1.

#2. Next, use a foundation two to three tones darker than your skin tone (or even a bronzer) on a, b, c, d, and e as shown in picture 2.

#3. Blending is key to avoiding a contour malfunction. For best results, use a sponge to blend the product (if your foundation is too thick, spritz some water on it to dilute it). Triangle-shaped sponges work best for the nose and under-eye area.

#4. Enhance your features further by going over the darker areas with some bronzer, and you're all set to rock that defined jawline and to-die-for

Styling: Samar Rajpur ; Photographs: Sarang Sena