Here's What You Can Learn From Deepika Padukone's Journey So Far





​Who isn't obsessed with Deepika Padukone? She is insanely talented and so beautiful! Even without realizing, Deepika has taught valuable life lessons that every girl can benefit from. Read on to find out which one you can adopt into your life!

1) Be Professional. Despite a very public breakup, Deepika remained on good terms with her ex and continued to work with him.

2) Don't be afraid to speak your mind. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Deepika was extremely brave to open up to the world about her struggles with depression. It made us fall in love with her even more!

3) ...while remembering to stay humble. No matter what is said about Deepika in the media, she is humble, polite and classy!

4) Work hard. The secret to Deepika's success truly is hard work and dedication and she has continued to climb to the top with her amazing work ethics!

5) Appreciate your family. ​​Deepika is very close to her family and openly admits that her mother was one of the few people who stood by her during her struggles with depression.