Mira Kapoor Posted the FUNNIEST Thing About Her Pregnancy

Surprising fact about her: the girl's got a great sense of humour!

Rely on Mira Kapoor to hear the funniest pregnancy stories from. 

After appearing on Koffee With Karan and sharing juicy deets about her pregnancy struggles (when she had just delivered Misha), the star wife is pregnant for the second time. And she's not shying away from posting about her struggles regarding fashion and health on social media.

Just a few weeks ago, remember how she took to Instagram to talk about that phase of pregnancy (refer to screenshot below) hinting the fans that this could be a series? 


Well, that has turned out to be true. Mira has posted about another one of her pregnancy experience and it's equally funny!


This will deffo crack you up and make you applaud her for being such a sport.

More power to her!