5 Times Celebs Busted Unrealistic Ideas About Beauty and Fitness

“Beauty is being great at whatever you can do.”

Now and then, people from all walks of life face body image issues. Women, especially young girls are vulnerable to body image dissatisfaction, due to the physiological, social and psychological changes they go through. This perception of an ‘ideal beauty’ is further reinforced by popular culture.


Thus, when women who are part of this pop culture speak about why one should not subscribe to these impractical ideas of beauty, it empowers women to embrace their body and become the best version of themselves. Here are 5 times celebs busted unrealistic ideas about beauty and fitness:


1. Priyanka Chopra:

“The idea of a perfect female body exists from centuries ago in all industries. Whenever you see women, they are supposed to be 36-24-36; even I am not 36-24-36. But why do we have to be that? You don’t feel as beautiful as you are unless you look like what the magazines look like. Even I don’t look like what the magazine models look like. That is the wrong standard of beauty. Beauty is who you can be, the best version of you. How healthy you can be, how great you can be in whatever you can do; it is an internal look.

I always tell young girls that you cannot look at these unrealistic standards of beauty, which I am in too. I am supposed to be that unrealistic standard of beauty all the time. I am supposed to never look tired. I am supposed to never put on weight.

The important thing for young girls is to realize is what makes me feel the best, what makes me look the best and what works for me. And not try to be like someone else.”


2) Sonam Kapoor:

“I’ve said it before, and I will keep saying it: It takes an army, a lot of money, and an incredible amount of time to make a female celebrity look the way she does when you see her. It isn’t realistic, and it isn’t anything to aspire to.

Aspire to confidence. Aspire to feeling pretty and carefree and happy, without needing to look any specific way. And the next time you see a 13-year-old girl gazing wistfully at a blemish-free, shiny-haired Bollywood actress on a magazine cover, bust the myth of flawlessness for her.

Tell her how beautiful she is. Praise her smile or her laugh or her mind or her gait.

Don't let her grow up believing that she's flawed, or that there's anything she's lacking for looking different from a woman on a billboard. Don’t let her hold herself to a standard that’s too high, even for the women on the billboards.”


3. Huma Qureshi:

"The focus should be on developing personality and individuality, which is more important than having poker-straight hair or a size-24 waist.

I have so many friends who are shamed for being skinny. Why can't we just let women and their bodies be?”


4. Kangana Ranaut:

“Bollywood beauty standards are unbelievable. A lot of actresses are a Miss Universe or a Miss India. By Bollywood standards, I think I am not extraordinarily beautiful but I am beautiful.”


5. Vidya Balan has in various interviews spoken about her attempts to meet Indian film industry’s beauty standards and why she does not care about them anymore:

“I got tempted, and tried to be someone else. Then I felt victimized. I was suffering from a persecution complex.”

“(There was) a part of my life, I was in a battle with my body. I was angry with it, hated it, and I wanted it to change, because I thought if my body changed, then I would be acceptable to everyone. I would be worthy of love. But even at my thinnest, when I managed to lose a lot of weight (it happened a few times) I realized that I wasn’t fully acceptable to everyone. So really there’s no point in trying to change yourself to suit others’ needs and ideals.”

“I began to accept and respect my body, and it’s been a long journey. I find myself happier, I feel beautiful. I think the best gift I have given to myself is that I won’t let anyone make me feel differently about my body today.”