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Deepika Padukone's Pre-Wedding Diet Plan Revealed by Her Nutritionist!

Here's the ultimate secret to look and feel fabulous, just like the birthday girl!

There's absolutely no denying that Deepika Padukone looked like a dream on her wedding day. Donning an ethereal Sabyasachi ensemble—heavily embellished and featuring fine, exquisite embroidery—let's just say the actor proved exactly why her look made a dozen headlines.

However, did you know that a behind-the-scenes source revealed that the A-lister was battling MAJOR stomach butterflies prior to her big day (Yes, wedding blues doesn't spare celebrities even!) 

But getting back to the point, wonder if that unmistakable wedding glow was only skin deep? We say—probably not. 

Days before her fairytale-like Lake Como wedding, the actor got a structured diet plan in place to help her 'cruise through the blues', and of course feel fit and fabulous too.

Deepika met Shweta Shah—owner, founder, and CEO of EatFit247—just before her wedding with Ranveer Singh. Shweta, a hard-core believer in Ayurveda, Satvik, and a no-fad diet quickly discovered that Deepika had a 'pitta' personality (i.e. Pitta represents fire, one of the five elements—water, earth, ether, fire, and air—that make up the human body). It is believed that Deepika's disturbed body element composition was a natural fall-out of her career which demands extensive travel, long hours outdoors, and irregular meals.

This urged Shweta to carefully curate Deepika's daily meal plan, taking into account her concerns, preferences, schedules, and indulgences; and in close association with her personal cook. "The biggest challenge was to counter the heat generated by her pitta prakruti," informs Shweta.

Deepika kick-started the day with a tbsp. of soaked saunf (fennel) seeds, along with sipping on cooling drinks such as oats and green detox smoothies through the day. "One basic rule for anyone with 'pitta prakruti' is to never skip breakfast or go hungry for extensive periods of time". Accordingly, Deepika's breakfast comprised of her favourite ingredients such as coconut, nuts, oats, rice, and lentils. Keeping in mind her penchant for south Indian breakfast dishes, Shweta carefully curated recipes that were suited to the actor's palette. "Pongal, porridge, upma, boiled and sautéed red lentils tossed in cooling herbs including mint, cilantro, and fennel, or purple cabbage along with millet seeds and a side of green salad were frequent flyers on the menu," she says. 

Besides her forever-love for south Indian meals, Deepika also shares a liking for Italian and Mexican food. Taking this into consideration, ingredients such as quinoa and rice were used to create delectable, health-conscious recipes at least 2-3 times a week. "A mid-morning snack of 1 fruit—barring a few—and vegetable juice kept Deepika's acidic tendencies at bay until lunch. Lunch usually comprised of a roti (Indian flat bread), with a bowl of cooked veggies– again carefully planned keeping in mind her preferences. Evening snacks offered a choice of beetroot tikki, zucchini kebabs, herbed humus, and a few other tasty treats. Ash gourd juice and chutney rounded off her meals and snacks," says Shweta.

A disciplinarian at heart, Deepika carefully followed the prescribed diet, the results of which were clearly visible for the world to witness! A gorgeous, glowing bride, full of energy and verve, entering into wedlock to the tune of 'Lamberghini' and dancing to 'Mast Kalandar' at the reception, clad in shades of pristine ivory (ah, memories). 

"The best treatment is to learn to not need any medicine," claims nutritionist Shweta Shah. In today’s fast paced life, we depend heavily on quick fixes and fast food, with minimal or zero heed to our health and well-being. The food we consume is peppered with preservatives, artificial flavours, sweeteners, and so on...which eventually trap us into a vicious cycle of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol, and IBS.

Shweta prescribes alternatives straight out of the kitchen. "Modify your own routine and diet to lead a pill-free, healthy life," she advocates.