Katrina Kaif: "We Need to Celebrate Womanhood as a Tribe, Not Pull Each Other Down."

From battling sexism to shattering glass ceilings and respecting the women in your life, actor and Reebok brand ambassador Katrina Kaif shares how to truly harness your #girlpower.  

Whether it is the casually sexist comments you are forced to laugh off or giving up a seat in the metro to avoid sitting next to a 'man spreader'—being a woman can sometimes seem like a fulltime job.

But, so is harnessing your girl power to shatter some glass ceilings.

Cosmo caught up with actor and Reebok brand ambassador Katrina Kaif to get her take on how to do just that! The brand's latest campaign It’s A Man’s World was brought to life by an all-female creative collective, MADWOMEN, that aims to celebrate feminine power and individuality.    

katrina kaif

Cosmo: What does feminism mean to you?

Katrina Kaif: Feminism for me is equality, the right to make a choice and the right to be heard. Times are changing and today, we have women leaders in every field of work. According to me, the first step is to stop judging ourselves and voice our opinions. We need to celebrate womanhood as a tribe rather than pulling each other down.

Cosmo: Please share some experiences that inspired you when women asserted themselves and proved that it is not only a man’s world? 

KK: Its tough to narrow down on one experience or a woman because there are hundreds of superwomen out there each day fending for themselves. I relate most to my mum as she the one constant woman in my life who I have looked up to since I was a kid. With seven kids to manage at a time, my mother always made sure each one of us got the love and attention we deserve.



Cosmo: How do you keep yourself strong and focused when faced with gender discrimination?

KK: For me, being strong and focused means keeping my eyes on the goal regardless of the situation. I’m blessed to have friends like family who help me regain my strength when needed.

Most importantly, the power to achieve anything lies within you so, remember to always try and pick yourself up each time you fall.

Cosmo: Tell us about the women who truly inspire you?

KK: My mother is my biggest inspiration. She is the most resilient and tough woman and does it all with a smile. No matter how difficult the circumstance is, I have always seen her dealing with it with a calm mind and smile. And she gives great advice!

katrina kaif

Cosmo: What are some of the things you wish people should just stop judging women for?

KK: People judging each other is a whole different conversation, first and most important thing according to me is that we stop judging ourselves. We tend to be too hard on ourselves most of the time and avoid listing to our gut that always guides us on the right path. It’s important to be patient and caring to oneself and then whatever people have to say doesn’t matter :)