Jennifer Lopez's $1.8 Million Engagement Ring Is Missing From Her Recent Pics

Are y'all still getting married or...?

Hey J.Lo, are you or aren't you still engaged to Alex Rodriguez?? Plz, let me know because it will save a lot of speculation. As easy as it would be to give fans a lil update, Jennifer Lopez instead is posting photos on Instagram willy-nilly WITHOUT HER ENGAGEMENT RING.

Um, maybe she thought no one would notice. (????) Obviously, we did notice and are v concerned because that's $1.8 million worth of bling that's just MIA. Like, maybe it's chilling out in a jewelry box at home. Maybe it's at her hotel. Or maybe it's gone... forever.

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J.Lo is currently filming her new movie, Shotgun Wedding, in the Dominican Republic. She and her makeup artist are sharing photos from the set. She looks beautiful, literally s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g, but I'm still wondering whether or not she and A-Rod are still getting married.

Ever since multiple outlets reported that Jennifer and Alex split, rumors have been flying about their relationship. They've confirmed that they're still together, but we're not all that convinced. Their relationship is rocky right now at best.


Now, tell me why someone would willingly not wear that ring. I'll wait.