Kylie Jenner's Outfit is Exactly What Lizzie McGuire Would Be Wearing in 2021

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ICYMI, the fictional character and noughties icon, Lizzie McGuire, is a lottt of people's latest style muse, Kylie Jenner included. It's easy to see why - Lizzie's playful, colourful aesthetic was bang on-trend when the show aired from 2001-2004, and early noughties fashion is back in a big way lately.

Fashion is cyclical: they say it takes 20 years for a decade's defining style to first come back into favour, and believe it or not, we've *gulp* reached that point with the early millennium. Yep - 2001 was 20 years ago, people. (Mind exploding emoji). If you're not familiar, Lizzie McGuire was an American Disney Channel show starring Hilary Duff as a young teenager, and it reached international fame with its movie spinoff. Her inner thoughts were personified by a blonde cartoon (think: why won't my mum let me get a bra like the popular girls?) and the cast was dressed to the nines in the coolest early 2000s kit every episode. Everyone at my school was desperate to get their hair like hers, but this was sadly before the days of helpful YouTube tutorials. Really showing my age here.


But back to Kylie, let's break down the outfit. She's wearing a very of-the-moment sheer mesh crop top, covered in swirly orange and yellow print. Lizzie would have one million percent worn a kid-friendly version of this back in the day, and we think she'd be up for the cropped version on a night out as a grownup today. Her wardrobe was all about bright colour and pattern - tie dye, animal print, you name it - so this gets a big check.

Scroll through for Kylie's look:


Next up is Kylie's tiny shoulder bag. Some might class this as a baguette bag - aka the defining bag style of the 90s/ early millenium, so this fits in as well. Note that it's also in colour-clashing fluoro, which was a key style trope of Lizzie's time. Lizzie had a small shoulder bag for every occasion back in the day, as did Elle Woods, Rachel Green, and every other major TV and film style icon at the time. No wonder these are selling like crazy on Depop right now. Lucky you if you held onto yours...

Hilary Duff



Hilary Duff wearing the all-important 2000s accessories

Finally, the jeans. A good pair of jeans (and jean shorts, and dungarees, and a denim jacket) were arguably the backbone of any American teenager's wardrobe back then, so Kylie's slouchy jeans would definitely make Lizzie's wardrobe cut as well. The belly chain modernises the look, but it doesn't even really need modernising - everything noughties now feels fresh again. Remember the recent 90s revival? It's like that.

Please look at this 2019 outfit, from the set of the sadly now-cancelled Lizzie McGuire show reboot. It's another interpretation of Kylie's mesh top and jeans look, no? The chain belt too!


What do you think, is Kylie channeling Lizzie? More importantly - will you be bringing back any early millennium trends this summer?