Jade Thirlwall Just Shared Her Biggest Beauty Regret And It Is *So* Relatable

She blames fellow X Factor alumni Diana Vickers

We’ve all had a cringe beauty moment. For me, it’s the side fringe that comprised of a few Homer Simpson-like strands of hair that I thought looked amazing. And we won’t even get into the era of gloopy lip gloss that practically glued my lips together.

I’m sure anybody reading this remembers a beauty look that makes them shudder slightly and it turns out, we’re not alone. Yep, we're sort of grateful to report that celebs have all had those moments, too.

Jade Thirlwall, who has had countless majorrrrr makeup moments, admits that she also looks back on certain pictures and can’t help but cringe. Which makes me feel a whole lot better.


“Oh gosh, I think everyone has been there haven't they?” the Little Mix singer tells Cosmopolitan UK. “When I was a teenager actually, there was that phase where everyone would put concealer on their lips. What an awful trend that was!”

Hands up if you also feel personally victimised by this makeup trend, too.

Of course, all trends come from somewhere and Jade believes this one was started by a former The X Factor contestant.

“I feel like Diana Vickers started that one, I'm going to blame her!” she tells us. “Can you remember, she always wore it on The X Factor?

“She's a lovely girl, I've met her a few times but I'm sure she did single-handedly start the concealer lip trend. Which kinda made us all look like we were a little bit dead? So that was a choice.”

Jade continues: “But I suppose over the years, especially in Little Mix, I'm sure we've had many not-so-great looks but it's all a learning curve isn't it? And if it's of that time, you can't regret it.”

Often, there are some positive makeup trends that come back in fashion. One major beauty moment that’s currently doing the rounds again is bright eyeshadow and Jade has teamed up with beauty retailer Beauty Bay to create a gorgeous, vibrant 42-pan eyeshadow palette that nails the trend.

Here, she tells us all about her exciting Jade Thirlwall x Beauty Bay collaboration…

What was the inspiration behind the palette?

"The palette is themed all things astrology, spiritually and healing crystals. I have a passion for all those things and have for a long time and I thought it would be a nice side to share that maybe not everyone knows about. It lends itself well to creating amazing colours and different shimmers.

"It was really fun naming all the shades and I wanted to give the fans something they could use where they can look at the colours and be like 'I remember when Jade wore that colour on this video shoot or this red carpet look'. So it is very much inspired by all looks I've done previously."

What’s the one shade from the palette you can't stop using?

"I think my favourite at the minute is 'What's Your Sign hun?', which is a warm, red-toned bronze shimmer. I feel like it's the one I would wear every night out if I'm going out somewhere and I need to do something quickly. And I feel like it's a flattering colour on all skin tones. That's always gonna be my go-to."

What's your one statement colour from the palette?

"I think my main statement colour is definitely 'Northern Star'. I love blue, it's one of my fave colours and it's actually one of the main colours for Newcastle United as well, which I grew up loving. It really is going back to my roots there, but it's also inspired by one of my favourite looks I did on the Woman Like Me video shoot. It was a very big graphic cobalt blue eye so I've tried to recreate that and put it into the palette."