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Dua Lipa Just Shared a No Makeup Selfie in Pyjamas, and She Looks Incredible

Look at that glow

Sometimes, you get so used to seeing a celebrity glammed up in red carpet picture and Instagram selfies that you almost forget they probably love to just chill out in joggers and a top knot like the rest of us.

At least, that was the case with Dua Lipa for me. The singer always looks incredible, wearing glamorous makeup, trendy hairstyles and some fire outfits – just look at her cool aunty ‘fit. So stylish.

But in her latest Instagram post, Dua shared a stripped back picture of herself in pyjamas with no makeup on – and she looks just as incredible.

In the selfie, the singer isn’t wearing the usual vibrant eyeshadow looks we’re used to seeing her rock at awards show.

Instead, her skin is clear and glowing and her eyebrows are perfectly groomed while she’s relaxing in adorable yellow frilly pyjamas. In fact, I don’t think I even own pyjamas that nice.


The rest of the post also includes some incredible pictures of her visit to the Netherlands and an adorable crochet outfit.

Fingers crossed Dua drops her skincare routine soon because we need to know the secrets behind that glow...