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Kris Jenner Faces Criticism for Posting an Instagram Story About Tristan Thompson


Kris Jenner is coming under fire from fans after she shared an Instagram Story dedicated to Tristan Thompson, who sent her a bouquet of flowers for Mother's Day. Fans were pretty taken aback by the post given recent developments in which Tristan admitted to fathering a son with someone else during his relationship with Khloé Kardashian.

Over in the US Mother's Day took place on Sunday and it was a pretty big day for Kris Jenner (which is unsurprising given she has six children and 11 grandchildren), who took to Instagram to share with fans some of the gifts she'd received in honour of the day.

However, there was one post people weren't expecting to see. In and amongst the lavish bouquets she received from Pete Davidson, Travis Barker and Scott Disick the matriarch also received a bunch of flowers from Tristan Thompson, and shared an image of the bouquet on her Instagram Story.


She had shared images of all of the bouquets she had been sent by Travis, Pete, Scott et al, but fans found this particular image slightly odd, given that Tristan and Khloé recently split following his admission that he had fathered a child with someone else during his relationship with Khloé.

Plus, not only did Kris share a snap of the flowers she also captioned the picture, "Thank you @realtristan13 !!! Love you ?" which seemed like a strange thing to do to many fans.

kris jenner faces backlash for tristan thompson instagram story

Kris Jenner / Instagram


Sharing the Story on Reddit one fan wrote, "Why Would Kris post something like this it’s so disrespectful to her own daughter especially when Khloe and Tristan already broke up."

Someone else wrote, "He had a whole child while he was with your daughter??" and a third comment read, "I still can’t believe Kris 'loves him' if I was Kris I'd ignore him."

Let's hope Khloé's okay!