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Kim Kardashian Gives Mini Tour around Her New Office, Which Was Designed By Kanye West

It’s giving Yeezy vibes if Yeezy designed homeware

Kim Kardashian is known for her iconic tonal fashion 'fits, so it’s no surprise to find that her new office space mirrors this. If you had to guess blindly whose office it was, you’d say it was Kim’s hands down – and from what we can see so far, we love it!

If you don’t already know, Kim has recently launched her new skincare brand SKKN by Kim, which the Kardashians and Jenners have been showing off on their Instagram accounts.

Of course, Kim herself took to her Instagram Stories to show fans her new brand, while giving an inside look at her luxurious office at the same time. It’s giving modern Flintstones, Yeezy vibes with subtle minimalistic furniture made of wood, dark suede cushions and literal stone features.

Kim Kardashian’s office
Kim Kardashian Instagram

Unsurprisingly it looks *expensive* and clean cut, like it should be in a museum to be admired and never touched, but there’s also something so calming about the design. Maybe it’s the backdrop of greenery and mountains courtesy of the large framed windows. On display are three large moodboards showing the process of her skincare brand in the making.

Kim Kardashian’s office mood boards
Kim Kardashian Instagram

There’s an organised wooden bookshelf to the back of the office, while on the other side is a more relaxed corner featuring a grey sofa, seating area. We can’t lie though, there's a lavish, uncomfortable looking wooden chair that has no back, and it’s hard to convince us that it would serve us for eight hours a day.

And then there’s two chairs in the shape of triangles. But hey, so the chairs are questionable and nice for aesthetic purposes only, but everything else is dreamy.

Kim Kardashian’s office chair
Kim Kardashian Instagram
Kim Kardashian’s office
Kim Kardashian Instagram

Kim gives a shout out to Tommy Clements and Waldo Fernandez who designed the opulent space, with pieces by Michele Lamy from Rick Owens.

"And just one more time, you guys I love my office," Kim says. "But yeah this is just a glimpse of my daily office life and what I do."

The finished products of SKKN by Kim in colours of muted mauves, beiges and cream compliment the office so well, they almost blend into one another.

Kim also gave a special shoutout to ex-husband Kanye West, who has spent a lot of time in the office with Kim and played a big part in the brand's design. She says, “Of course the creative process wouldn't have been complete without Kanye, he brought his team and came up with the new name, that was his idea.”

Anyway, if you’re desperate to see more of the brand's headquarters as much as we are, fear not, because Kim revealed there was going to be a whole tour of it on YouTube coming soon.