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Kylie Jenner leaves fans confused after confirming son's name

We have questions

Kylie Jenner has totally bemused fans, after confirming her son's name is exactly the same thing she said it wasn't over the summer. Wait, what?

In February, The Kardashians star and Travis Scott welcomed their second child, announcing his birth on Instagram. "💙 2/2/22," she wrote, sharing his birth date, before adding in a later story "Wolf Webster" with a white heart, confirming his name.

Just a few weeks later, though, Kylie then shared that they'd made the decision to change his name. In another Story, she put, “FYI our sons [sic] name isn’t Wolf anymore 😅😅 We just really didn’t feel like it was him. Just wanted to share because I keep seeing Wolf everywhere. 🙏"


Kylie Jenner's story


Since then, fans have been busy sharing theories over what the little one could be called, with Kylie then telling Extra in April,"We just haven’t fully legally changed it or anything, so I don’t want to announce a new name and then change it again. So, yeah, we’re just not ready to share a new name yet."


Fast forward seven months (!) to The Kardashians season two finale, and Kylie gave yet another update on her son's name. So, if it's not Wolf, what exactly is it? Er, it turns out it very much still is Wolf.

"This year has been very transformative for me," she said in the confessional.
"There’s so many amazing things that I’m really excited about, [to] hang out with my babies and really dive into my work. My baby’s name is still Wolf, I’ll let you guys know when I change it. Maybe I’ll tell you guys in season three."




Needless to say, the whole thing has slightly confused fans. "Kylie’s baby’s name is still Wolf," one wrote with three crying emojis, while another put, "Not Kylie teasing us again with the name."

C'mon Kylie, give the people what they want and share his new name.