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Kim Kardashian fans are all saying the same thing about her bathroom

Specifically the bath tub.

By now we're pretty used to the aesthetic of Kim Kardashian's home. You either love or hate the beige, concrete, sculptural vibe that runs through every room of her house. But it appears some fans are still pretty surprised at her minimalist approach, particularly when it comes to her bathroom.

Yesterday Kim shared a cosy selfie from her bathroom on Instagram and whilst fans were quick to comment on great she looked (she really does), they were not impressed with her concrete style bathtub in the background of the image.


Now, yes, it's not a classic white free-standing tub that you'd get in a hotel or the half bath/ half shower combo we're dealing with in our flats, it's a very Kim Kardashian style bath that goes with the look of the rest of the bathroom.

However, her followers were not impressed and many asked if the bathtub is comfortable, with one person saying: "Ok the tub doesn’t look comfy tho" and another shared even more shade saying: "Her whole house doesn’t look comfy." Savage.

Some fans were quick to clap back at the shady comments with one saying: "It's called minimalism babes 🤍." And tbf they're not wrong, the bath very much goes with the minimalist aesthetic Kim is going for in the bathroom, which also features a double shower and grey concrete countertops.


One fan did raise a very important question when they asked: "Does the bathtub take forever to fill up?"

Ok, now this is what we really need the answer to. We're lazy at heart, so the idea of waiting ages for the bath to fill up really delays all the relaxing, magazine reading and face masking time in the bath we had planned.

So Kim, will you put us out of our misery, how long does it actually take to fill up the bath?