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Blake Lively's side-parted golden locks are giving Serena van der Woodsen circa 2006

Her long golden hair, that is... NOT the outfit choice...


Blake Lively

Opposing the below bedhead style, her character, Lily Bloom's recent 'do is more tamed, if you will.

Forget Gossip Girl, for the radiant tone is giving *Golden Girl*.

Now, OG GG watchers will know that Serena's hair was always a topic of conversation; whether it be throughout the TV series, aka whispers in the school's corridors (read: season 1, episode 14) or our collective youthful selves attempting to recreate her effortlessly loose curls IRL, nothing could compare to such a monumental beauty movement in the early 2000s MySpace/Bebo scene.

Blake Lively

Credit: Cosmopolitan